Let’s stop disagreeing about which clean energy solutions are best and instead
Unite Against Emissions!


Too often, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

Right now, face it, we are losing our fight against growing emissions. We must stop arguing over which source or sources of clean energy are best and agree that we need them all to accelerate our clean energy transition—including nuclear energy—or we will not succeed in eliminating fossil fuels in the time we have left.

By uniting against emissions, we demonstrate that we have common ground and agreement on the most important aspect of fighting climate change: the urgency of eliminating emissions ASAP. With this, we can shift the paradigm of partisan divisions and build a bigger and more powerful coalition that includes both progressives and conservatives, those who support wind and solar and those who support large hydro or nuclear. Together, we enable a more assured pathway to transition to a 100% clean energy economy.

The #Unite Against Emissions Campaign is HERE!

In advanced of COP 28 in the United Arab Emirates, we are launching our own #UAE Campaign. We need your help! We are looking to recruit volunteers in all 50 US states and every country to coordinate an army of on-the-ground campaigners. These are climate activists who will bring this campaign to all environmental groups and work to convince them to stop being part of the problem and join our #United Against Emissions campaign.

All individuals wishing to support this campaign should sign up to join the Climate Coalition and indicate your location and interest. We will be sharing information soon on the nearly 500 NGO targets for this campaign. All outreach and discussion about the campaign will be done on a confidential basis. All NGO signatories to the campaign will be held under a press embargo until we have received a critical mass of support. We expect to make a big public announcement about this campaign on or around Earth Day 2024.

We will then coordinate a national press event for a big public reveal that will put the spotlight on the broadly bipartisan coalition of organizations that have chosen to prioritize working together to deploy the broadest set of clean energy solutions and eliminate emissions from and demand for fossil fuels as quickly as possible.