“The grid needs carbon-free energy asap, not a shouting match . . .”


The goal of the Climate Coalition is to get all climate advocates to put aside their minor differences as to preferences in type of clean energy and focus on the common ground of battling to eliminate emissions by increasing clean energy generation as quickly as humanly possible. We cannot possibly win out against the forces defending and working to expand fossil fuels if we are bickering amongst ourselves.

Member benefits: In joining the Climate Coalition, you will be part of the largest group of science and data-minded clean energy advocates who care to ensure that global grids deliver 100% clean energy, reliably and cost-effectively, asap. We recognize that allowing emissions to increase—such as by arbitrarily closing nuclear power plants—is unconscionable when what we need is more clean energy, not less. There must be massive increases in all types of non-emitting energy to ensure that we have sufficient clean energy available to eliminate fossil generation, which still produces 80% of global energy and whose emissions are killing us. If you have a campaign that needs support, our members may be able to provide help.

To join the Climate Coalition, fill in the boxes below and click the JOIN NOW button. By doing so, you and/or your organization are expressing support for broader, more inclusive policies that allow for ALL low-carbon and zero-emission energy technologies to be credited and valued for their contributions to our low-carbon grids, including nuclear energy.