“The grid needs carbon-free energy asap, not a shouting match . . .”


The Climate Coalition is a coalition of environmental, energy, scientific, technical and policy-minded individuals and organizations striving to free environmental thinking from the tyranny of EITHER-OR and instead show the global benefits of the harmony of AND, when it comes to our need for clean energy and urgent action on climate. When we fight each other, we all lose.

To join the Climate Coalition, fill in the boxes below and click the JOIN NOW button. You may join as an individual and/or as an organization. There is no membership fee. In doing so, you are expressing support for broader, more inclusive policies that allow for ALL low-carbon and zero-emission energy technologies to be credited and valued for their contributions to our low-carbon grids, including nuclear energy.  If you would like to collaborate actively with us in organizing campaigns in our Slack group, please use our Contact Form to send us a description of what you are working on and what you would like to accomplish by joining us.