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See Nuclear Now

WATCH THIS FILM AND LEARN WHY WE NEED NUCLEAR ENERGY Please use the below links to find theaters & related events Nuclear Now will be 350 Theater across the U.S. on May 1st About the Film: https://www.nuclearnowfilm.com/ Find theaters & Buy Tickets: https://www.nuclearnowfilm.com/watch NY Times Film Review: https://www.nytimes.com/2023/04/27/movies/nuclear-now-review.html Nuclear Now [...]

See Nuclear Now2023-05-01T12:09:37-07:00

Sign the Petition

  SIGN OUR PETITION : Improve the Energiewende! Let clean nuclear, hydro, wind and solar work in unity towards 100% clean! We are sick and tired of the self-defeating bickering within the Climate Movement! By opposing other types of clean energy, we are shooting ourselves in the foot and allowing fossil [...]

Sign the Petition2023-02-06T09:27:15-08:00

Urge Nesbitt to Offer Palisades Carbon Credit Resolution

Sign our letter to Senator Aric Nesbitt to Author Resolution Recognizing Palisades' Carbon Credit-Worthiness The Climate Coalition has drafted a letter to Michigan State Senator Aric Nesbitt urging him to submit a resolution to the Michigan Legislature declaring Palisades to be a legitimate issuer of nuclear carbon offsets.  The letter [...]

Urge Nesbitt to Offer Palisades Carbon Credit Resolution2022-06-02T17:49:22-07:00

Save Diablo Canyon

Join the Campaign to Save Diablo Canyon It is vital that everyone understand why Diablo Canyon is critical to the success of California's energy decarbonization—both in a timely and a cost-effective manner.  The following are the steps you can take to learn more and support our clean energy. Step 1:  [...]

Save Diablo Canyon2022-04-30T15:43:04-07:00

Pronuclear Political Candidates

Political Candidate Climate Positions This Airtable has been pre-sorted to group candidates by State and Office Sought. Airtable allows you to scroll across to see all columns. It also lets you reset the width of the displayed rows, to sort, filter, group, ungroup or copy the candidates' answers. Learn [...]

Pronuclear Political Candidates2022-07-21T23:25:57-07:00

Recognition of Official Efforts to Save Palisades

Recognition of Governor Whitmer's and Secretary Granholm's Efforts to Save Palisades The Climate Coalition and hundreds of co-signers sent a letter on Valentine's Day to Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and the entire slate of elected Michigan officials urging them to protect Palisades. Since then, our letter has continued to garner [...]

Recognition of Official Efforts to Save Palisades2022-04-29T10:45:40-07:00

Renewables + Nuclear: Partners in Decarbonization

Renewables + Nuclear:  Partners in Decarbonization (The following analysis is available for use for any purpose with attribution to the Climate Coalition.) (Click to download a PDF of this information.) “Nuclear or Renewables” is a false dichotomy when 83.1% of the world’s primary energy [...]

Renewables + Nuclear: Partners in Decarbonization2022-03-24T18:52:08-07:00

Understanding Nuclear Energy

The C+ Student's Guide to Understanding Nuclear Energy: Myths, Facts, & Fears in 21 Easy-to-Understand Q&As We are delighted to share Shawn M. Connors' wonderfully-produced handbook about nuclear energy with our community.  Shawn is the Founder of the Atomic Garage Movement, a self-proclaimed "C+ Student," and a new member of [...]

Understanding Nuclear Energy2022-03-16T11:32:08-07:00

What’s Greenwashing?

About Greenwashing Consumer, investors, voters, marketers and even corporations are increasingly aware of the harmful environmental impacts of much of what we consume and are striving to make increasingly sustainable choices and options. Unfortunately, demand for better choices has put pressure on those selling products, services and investments to attract the [...]

What’s Greenwashing?2022-03-17T23:01:01-07:00

Which side are you on? Climate obstruction or climate solution?

How our internal divisions set us back on addressing climate with carbon emission reductions, even after fossil fuels lost the battle to stymie action with climate skepticism When can you get a certain portion of progressive Democrats to applaud locking in big increases in carbon emissions but Republicans [...]

Which side are you on? Climate obstruction or climate solution?2022-02-09T11:26:55-08:00

Save Diablo Canyon Petition

Please sign our petition for California to save its largest source of clean

Save Diablo Canyon Petition2021-12-08T19:10:20-08:00

Why closing Palisades nuclear plant is like sinking the lifeboats

C C Dr. Todd Allen is professor and the Glenn F. and Gladys H. Knoll Department Chair of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences at the University of Michigan. He is also the founding director of the Fastest Path to Zero initiative and director of the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project.  He [...]

Why closing Palisades nuclear plant is like sinking the lifeboats2022-01-25T21:45:34-08:00

New York State elected officials oppose the expansion of natural gas infrastructure

C C 53 Elected Officials sign a letter opposing the expansion of natural gas infrastructure by the NYS Public Service Commission. This is good but these officials fail to recognize that, in having closed Indian Point, downstate New York's only source of firm clean power, the PSC is obliged to [...]

New York State elected officials oppose the expansion of natural gas infrastructure2021-09-09T23:15:53-07:00

Who Opposes Nuclear Energy

Exploring Who Opposes Nuclear Energy and Why As anachronistic as it is, anti-nuclear forces still exert a lot of political power in the U.S. and around the world.  We shall take a look at some of the prominent corporations, spokespeople, organizations and local activists opposing nuclear.  [...]

Who Opposes Nuclear Energy2022-07-24T10:02:29-07:00

New York begs residents to decrease use of energy to avoid blackouts

MM New York City facing emergency energy crisis within 60 days of closing Indian Point: Who would have guessed? Commentary on 'Conserve Energy': New York City Begs Residents to Help Avoid Outages, a New York Times article by Mihir Zaveri and Ashley Wong Less than sixty days from closing the [...]

New York begs residents to decrease use of energy to avoid blackouts2021-07-20T00:08:10-07:00

Democratic senators offer legislation to protect zero-emission nuclear plants

MM New legislation aims to help existing nuclear power Report on an article posted at Daily Energy Insider by Liz Carey In late June, a group of pro-nuclear U.S. senators introduced legislation to level the playing field for nuclear on eligibility for the tax credits being proposed for wind operators. [...]

Democratic senators offer legislation to protect zero-emission nuclear plants2021-07-19T22:26:55-07:00

Barrasso: Biden’s Proposal Builds Back Worse

March 31, 2021 Sarah Durdaller (Energy) Stephen Bradford (Energy) Dear Sarah and Stephen: Thank you for this message. Independent nonprofit Californians for Green Nuclear Power, Inc. (CGNP) is working to save a safe, reliable, cost-effective and zero-emission nuclear power plant in California from voluntary retirement in 2025. Our advocacy has taken us [...]

Barrasso: Biden’s Proposal Builds Back Worse2021-08-19T23:07:21-07:00

Evidence that the U.S. could have been 50% clean energy today

MM Tallying the cost of antinuclear sentiments By Matt MacCaughey, Guest Author I am a passionate pro-nuclear advocate with an engineering degree from UMaine, along with two minors in renewable energy. I am working in the energy sector now doing mostly safety work for nuclear plants and a few fossil [...]

Evidence that the U.S. could have been 50% clean energy today2021-03-08T21:51:10-08:00

Protect Nuclear Now

We demand an emergency moratorium on needless nuclear plant closures! Introduction We are a coalition of community activists, engineers, environmentalists, business professionals, and academics who share a desire for rapid deep decarbonization of the U.S. economy. In order to meet our collective [...]

Protect Nuclear Now2021-02-26T10:14:25-08:00

Emergency Moratorium Campaign

Submit your request to join below. (Click to download) Thanks for your interest in helping to plan this campaign to convince the Biden Administration of the need to issue a nation-wide emergency moratorium on the closures of existing nuclear power [...]

Emergency Moratorium Campaign2021-02-23T09:24:16-08:00

Biden’s Age of Climate Decadence 01 26 21

February 10, 2021 Holman Jenkins Wall Street Journal Holman.Jenkins@wsj.com Dear Holman: Californians for Green Nuclear Power, Inc. (CGNP) appreciates your endorsement of nuclear power in your recent article, "Biden's Age of  Climate Decadence." CGNP has been fighting to keep Diablo Canyon Power Plant running past 2025 before such regulators as the California [...]

Biden’s Age of Climate Decadence 01 26 212021-08-20T00:59:00-07:00

Climate change doesn’t get a mention in Wolf’s budget address 02 04 21

February 6, 2021 Rachel McDevitt WITF - FM 4801 Lindle Road Harrisburg, PA 17111 (717) 704-3000 or (800) 366-9483 rachel_mcdevitt@witf.org. Dear Rachel:  Thank you for your reporting in the February 4, 2021 story, "Climate change doesn’t get a mention in Wolf’s budget address." I particularly appreciated your quote from American Petroleum Institute [...]

Climate change doesn’t get a mention in Wolf’s budget address 02 04 212021-08-19T23:44:24-07:00

Part 2: Following CGNP’s Grid Reliability Action at the FERC

Thank you. We came out in force to demand grid reliability! Thanks to all who answered the call to Support Grid Reliability.  We are very pleased to have had a really strong show of support for the action filed by Californians for [...]

Part 2: Following CGNP’s Grid Reliability Action at the FERC2021-02-23T00:15:32-08:00

NYISO’s Misleading Information

NYISO's Mischaractization of Key Information The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) releases an annual state of the grid and markets report called Power Trends. According to NYISO CEO, Robert Fernandez, this report "provides the facts and analysis necessary to understand the many factors shaping New York’s complex electric system."  In [...]

NYISO’s Misleading Information2020-09-14T02:15:24-07:00

How the American Petroleum Institute fakes antinuclear action

It is impressive how many of the smartest and most informed people thinking about our climate dilemma have expressed their support for nuclear energy. We know that it takes courage to even talk about nuclear, so we have compiled a listing of many of the brightest lights who have expressed such [...]

How the American Petroleum Institute fakes antinuclear action2020-07-20T21:04:51-07:00

Saving Indian Point

The Save Indian Point Campaign continues Curtailment and closure of Indian Point Reactor 2 was initiated on April 30th despite the hazards of this work being done during the pandemic. Governor Cuomo and his office ignored petition with over 8,000 signatures as well as our letter [...]

Saving Indian Point2021-04-09T00:17:45-07:00

How API tricks you

How API tricks you into opposing nuclear With climate change approaching a range of tipping points that will cause climate to shift forever, it is worth pondering the very basic question of who benefits from the world acting on climate and eliminating emissions and who doesn't.  When you think of individuals—people [...]

How API tricks you2020-05-25T18:07:28-07:00
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