The Save Indian Point Campaign continues

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Curtailment and closure of Indian Point Reactor 2 was initiated on April 30th despite the hazards of this work being done during the pandemic. Governor Cuomo and his office never responded to our petition, which had over 8,000 signatures, or our letter with the signatures of hundreds of experts. Entergy, the owner of Indian Point, continues to operate Reactor 3 for another year under the terms of the agreement forced by Governor Cuomo. Members of this coalition are continuing to oppose both closures and working to restore full operation. Members and organizers of Nuclear New York continue to drive this campaign and we invite you to explore their website and connect with them if you are interested in helping with the next phase of the Save Indian Point campaign.

Why we need Indian Point to continue to operate:

1. IP’s clean nuclear power is being replaced with dirty gas power. This increases air pollution along with rates of respiratory disease and death for New Yorkers. Don’t be fooled, Indian Point has not been replaced by other clean energy sources and won’t be for at least the duration of Indian Point’s existing NRC license.

2. Adds grid vulnerability, reduces resiliency: Governor Cuomo has increased NYC’s grid vulnerability by making imported gas the only source of power. By eliminating NYC’s largest source clean energy and its only nuclear power plant, there will no longer be energy diversification and this reduces energy resilience should there be a problem with the delivery of gas by pipeline to the city. 

3. Hypocritcal Climate Reversal: Closing carbon-free, pollutant-free nuclear and increasing generation from gas moves New York two large steps backward on climate. This goes against everything New Yorkers have been promised from the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and increase New York’s carbon dioxide emissions by 10 to 15 million tons annually. 

4. Increases Coronavirus mortalities: Increasing dirty energy from new gas plants directly threatens all New Yorkers, as Covid-19 mortality rates are directly linked to levels of pollution. New studies have also found that coronavirus may spread when it makes contact with the particulate pollution in the air!

5. Eliminates 1,000 clean energy jobs in NY: Hudson River Valley towns will lose a thousand highly skilled, technical jobs at Indian Point when it is closed. For the surrounding communities and businesses, these losses will be crippling for families unable to replace jobs, especially during this pandemic.

6. Ignores the scientific advice: Governor Cuomo is the consummate politician and claims to follows the advice of experts. Yet the experts say that we cannot afford to shutter nuclear power if it means increasing emissions. Cuomo made that exact argument to save upstate New York’s three nuclear power plants but he chose to kowtow to the environmental and gas (i.e. fossil fuel) lobbies which both see nuclear as “competition” to advance his political prospects in the downstate area.

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Closing Indian Point is a bad deal for New Yorkers!
There is a great deal of expert information available here and at Nuclear New York, which has been focusing on the issue of Indian Point for a long time. We also recommend you visit our other coalition partner groups, including Stop Cricket Valley, Protect Orange County, Footprint to Wings, Generation Atomic, and others devoted to supporting clean nuclear energy in New York State and everywhere. Please take the time to learn more and support our efforts to compel Cuomo to prioritize protecting our climate, clean air and health by suspending the permanent closure of New York’s largest source of clean energy until all fossil generation is closed.



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Here’s what you can do

1. Review and Sign the Letter: We delivered a copy of this letter along with all of the comments and a copy of our Petition with 8,000 signatures as well as those comments to Governor Cuomo prior to the deadline set for Entergy to curtain Indian Point’s 1,000 MW Reactor 2, the source of half of New York City’s clean energy. Yet, Cuomo followed through on his commitments to let dirty gas from the controversial CPV Valley Energy Center in Orange County, the Bayonne Energy Center in New Jersey, and the Cricket Valley Energy Plant in Duchess County and replace that power. Already, the air quality in the environmental justice communities surrounding those plants has worsened.  We are continuing to develop strategies to reverse the closure of Reactor 2 and to educate New Yorkers about the need to maintain Indian Point’s clean energy through until the end of the plant’s original license period, rather than allow gas to take over the entire downstate market.

2. Join the Climate Coalition: We are a coalition of clean energy and climate-focused individuals and groups who prioritize emissions reductions over partisanship. Climate change is a crisis far more formidable than even the Covid-19 pandemic.  We cannot allow technology prejudices to derail our commitment to reduce emissions—as NY has just done by closing 1,000 MW of clean energy and replacing that with dirty energy from gas. We work to educate the public and amplify the voices of climate activists collaborating to both defend and grow our clean energy sources free of the hypocrisy that allows the fossil fuel industry to thrive as the majority source of energy capacity behind a thin green veneer of renewables. Our coalition has grown a lot and we are making progress building more strategic relationships and will continue to use facts and science to hold politicians’ feet to the fire, so they don’t sell out our future for their own political gain.

3. Contribute your creative abilities towards our ongoing campaigns: There is a lot to do to make sure members of the public, our political leaders, key environmental influencers, youth leaders and members of the press recognize that the climate crisis demands our most aggressive, coherent and scientifically-rigorous response. We cannot afford to let prejudice, partisanship, profiteering or political interests interfere. We are working on new outreach and communication campaigns, building a set of summary materials that individuals can use to express their concerns about what the loss of our existing nuclear fleet will do to our efforts to eliminate emissions. If you are interested in working with us, getting access to these materials or helping with our outreach campaigns, please reach out through our Contact form and let’s work together to maintain forward momentum on climate.

Climate activists who #KnowNukes don’t say “No Nukes,” they say “Save our nuclear and shut down natural gas!”