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We can have “zero-emission” energy now!

The world must replace the 81% dirty fuels* we now use with sources of clean energy as soon as possible.  This demands deployment of all types of low-carbon energy to the grid, regardless of what kind they are.  We cannot afford to be picky!

Unfortunately, some people don’t appreciate the full urgency of this situation and are being picky. They are trying to exclude nuclear power as a climate solution—despite the fact that nuclear is non-carbon energy which provides 20% of U.S. electricity and 60% of the emissions-free electricity we now have. This is crazy.

For over five decades, nuclear power has been providing the world with safe, clean, reliable base-load energy that both cleans the air and displaces massive amounts of fossil fuel and their emissions.  When combined with solar and wind, we can have reliable 100% clean grids, without needing dirty natural gas to back-up intermittent solar and wind. It is time for all climate-concerned citizenry to accept nuclear as an important part of our clean energy portfolio—just as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois have all recently done—so we can stop the rapid growth of cheap, carbon and methane-spewing, natural gas.

Experts agree: We need nuclear power working together with renewables, battery storage, carbon capture and sequestration and all viable solutions, if we hope to end the global reliance on fossil fuels in time to save our climate. Without all the available clean technologies combined together and providing a diverse set of clean energy solutions, we risk everything.

In this time of crisis, we need clean energy advocates working together — against carbon emissions — not against each other!

If you agree that we need 100% zero-carbon energy as quickly possible — sourced from all available types of low-carbon energy generation we have — please join the Climate Coalition!

We can and must do better.

Members of the Climate Coalition prioritize saving our planet from climate-choking emissions over everything else. Do you?


* See the DOE’s Office of Fossil Fuels and the International Energy Agency. For other supporting information, see “Things to Know.”