Join other environmentalists in prioritizing all types of clean energy!

We love renewables but we need reliable energy systems. This means, we need sources of clean energy not reliant on the weather to provide power when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. We can use hydro, nuclear and geothermal power to do this job, as all of them are emissions free sources. It turns out, however, that nuclear power is already currently providing more than half of our clean energy.  We need it to continue to operate, to help us make progress in our transition to 100% clean energy transition. If we exclude nuclear, it means that we move backwards, and have to build more gas plants. This is very wrong.

Nuclear power has been helping to keep our air for more than sixty years. In that time, it has proven to be a clean, safe, cost-effective source of highly reliable carbon-free energy with an exceptionally small ecologic footprint. It turns out that it is a great complement to wind and solar. Historic opposition to nuclear power is quite an antiquidated position that is not supported by the facts or based upon nuclear’s actual performance or a clear-eyed recognition of its benefits. Nuclear, in fact, has proven itself to be safest and ecologically beneficial ways of producing carbon-free and pollution-free energy.  It has generated reliable power safely for decades and we now need more people to get up to speed and recognize this fact and allow nuclear energy to help us meet our emissions reductions goals. Otherwise, we are forced to continue firing up more fossil fuels—which is just what the fossil fuel industry wants.

This is a matter of life and death.  Let’s not make irreversible, self-defeating decisions based upon ancient anti-nuclear myths and fossil fuel-funded propaganda. Take some time to #KnowNukes, so you don’t get fooled. Nuclear is an important and necessary part of our clean energy transition.

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