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Calling all climate activists!

The reason we have not replaced the dirty fossil fuels we use now with sources of clean energy is because climate activists don’t agree on the solution!  In fact, some environmentalists eagerly support closing down some of our largest sources of clean energy—nuclear power plants—when they should be laser-focused on closing sources that emit carbon!  This is unacceptable!

We understand that everyone has their preferred types of clean energy but we climate activists are hurting our mission by fighting those of us with different clean energy preferences. Nuclear power provides 20% of U.S. electricity and as much as 60% of the emissions-free electricity we now have. Nuclear is also the only technology that operates reliably 24x7x365 days a year. We need nuclear to serve as baseload power and back up wind and solar’s intermittent generation.  During this climate emergency, there is no rational basis for shuttering any existing nuclear power plant—and sacrificing the enormous investment we have made in clean base-load generation—until all sources of dirty energy have been replaced.

Nuclear power has been providing the world with safe, clean, reliable base-load energy for more than five decades. Nuclear both cleans the air and displaces massive amounts of fossil fuel. When combined with solar and wind, we can have reliable 100% clean grids, without needing dirty natural gas as back-up—which is what we get when environmentalists oppose nuclear. It is time for all climate-concerned citizenry to accept the role that nuclear needs to play—just as New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois have all recently done—and collaborate on fighting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure that continues to threaten our future.

In this time of crisis, we need clean energy advocates working together — against carbon emissions — not against each other!

Members of the Climate Coalition prioritize saving our planet and agree to collaborate on deploying 100% clean energy systems (blending all types of clean energy technology) ASAP. 

Do you?

Please join the Climate Coalition if you agree!


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