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We Demand a Green New Deal Focused on 100% Clean Energy We have launched a MoveOn petition demanding that the Green New Deal being discussed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez focuses on achieving 100% non-emitting clean energy. There are problems with demanding 100% renewables, because this ignores some of our best and most powerful sources of clean energy, namely large hydro and nuclear power. Additionally, renewables sound great but the term actually includes a majority of sources of carbon-emitting energy techologies, [...]

HBO’s “Chernobyl” Dangerously Exaggerates Radiation Risks

HBO's "Chernobyl" greatly exaggerates the disaster's fallout risks The HBO mini-series “Chernobyl” has many people raving about it. Including those who support nuclear power. Yet, it also appears that the producers had to exaggerate the reality of the accident to produce the degree of emotional impact that they were seeking in developing this series.  This is the upshot of objections raised by the top US radiation doctor who, in fact, went to the then Soviet Union to treat victims, [...]

Cold fusion gets a deep dive

Scientists revisit the cold case of cold fusion According to a report in the University of British Columbia press, a group of scientists from the University of British Columbia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Google are conducting a multi-year investigation into cold fusion, a type of benign nuclear reaction hypothesized to occur in benchtop apparatus at room temperature.  We only know about this research because a progress report published in Nature [...]

Estonia signs MOU for Moltex Advanced Nuclear Reactor development

Will Estonia be the first nation to deploy a 4th Gen Small Modular Reactor? [The below info comes directly from an announcement sent by Simon Newton of Moltex, which claims that it has designed and patented a reactor which is inherently safe, cheaper than fossil-fuelled power plants and uses nuclear waste as its fuel: saving money and saving the planet.] Fermi Energia of Estonia have selected Moltex Energy as their preferred technology as they look to establish carbon-free energy production in [...]