Support Pronuclear Political Candidates

It is important to express your support of nuclear and get political candidates to do the same. We are on the verge of a critical election and it is important to support pronuclear candidates for political office both at the state level and at the federal level. Like us, you probably get asked to contribute to the campaigns of candidates for office, many of whom do not specifically discuss their positions on climate change, let alone where they stand on the use of nuclear power to address climate.  We are pleased to provide you with a resource that you can use to request more clarification of where these candidates stand.

The Candidate Climate Questionnaire

We have created a Candidate Climate Questionnaire and we recommend that when you asked to donate, you send back a link to this questionnaire and ask the candidate or a representative for them to complete the questionnaire.  Here is the link to our questionnaire:

We urge everyone to send out this link as much as possible, so that we can collect much more information on where more candidates stand on climate and nuclear energy before election day.  If you have heard a candidate speak about climate change and nuclear power and have a high degree of confidence in how the candidate thinks about these realities, then you can use this link to fill in information about the candidate (but please use your own name where asked who is filling out the form).

Table of Responses from Candidates