Improve the Energiewende! Let clean nuclear, hydro, wind and solar work in unity towards 100% clean!

We are sick and tired of the self-defeating bickering within the Climate Movement! By opposing other types of clean energy, we are shooting ourselves in the foot and allowing fossil fuels to thrive at the expensive of our climate and our environment!  This is irresponsible and irrational, when our mutual goal is reducing carbon.  The Climate Coalition has launched a petition to Bärbel Bas and the Bundestag on demanding climate rationality rather than knee-jerk antinuclear divisiveness. Please join us in signing and sharing this petition, which says:

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Please feel free to leave a comment below explaining why you are signing the petition and/or your suggestions for making it better.  We appreciate your support helping us urge our political representatives to do the right thing and allow all types of clean energy to work together to produce 100% clean grids and energy systems.  And please don’t forget to share the petition through social media. If you would like to collect signatures at an event, please use this form which will allow us to upload any signatures received in person as well!

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