Portal to Campaigns in Support of Diablo Canyon

Former Governor Jerry Brown and his team cut a backroom deal between anti-nuclear groups (several funded and allied with natural gas groups) to force PG&E to shutter California’s last nuclear power plant, Diablo Canyon.  This was done without meaningful public engagement or due consideration for the impacts of this closure on climate change, on grid reliability or on ratepayers pockets.  Governor Brown had already set the stage with energy policies that penalized PG&E by preventing Diablo Canyon from getting credit for producing zero-emission energy which help the state meet its clean energy goals while keeping the grid reliable. Thus, while those building new natural gas plants and renewable plants would profit, the ratepayers and citizens of California would lose their investment in and the clean energy benefits of the largest single source of clean energy generation in the state.

Ever since that deal was announced, an array of alarmed environmentalists, climate scientists, non-profits and pronuclear activists have been fighting that decision and seeking ways to protect the plant from this totally wasteful and premature closure, which goes against the mandates of AB 32, to decarbonize at the least cost. Up until now, most of those efforts and campaigns had little effect. Then, in early November, 2021, a team of experts from Stanford University and MIT released a report assessing the impact of this premature closure on the state’s decarbonization efforts. Just as opponents of this deal had feared, the cost to California of prematurely shuttering Diablo Canyon would result in increases in emissions and cost the state more than $20 billion dollars, combined with the need to seize and use of as much as 90,000 acres of land for building replacement wind and solar plants. This analysis has galvanized efforts to re-assess the state’s plan to destroy a multi-billion dollar clean energy asset which is helping to prevent climate change and providing increased grid reliability.

Below are current campaigns and ways that you can help support the preservation of Diablo Canyon and its clean energy.

Save Clean Energy Rally on Dec. 4th

Following the release by MIT and Stanford of a report showing the benefits of continued operation of Diablo Canyon, several local politicians and many environmental and clean energy groups have come together to keep the momentum going. We are holding a rally on December 4th in San Luis Obispo to show California and Governor Newsom that Californians support clean nuclear energy and keeping Diablo Canyon working for us. We invite everyone to join us to SAVE CLEAN ENERGY! Let’s make this the BIGGEST rally in favor of nuclear power in California’s history! We need your help. Let’s make our voices heard and save the world together!  RSVP here to let us know you’ll be there!

Date: Saturday, December 4th, 11:00 am
Meet at: 1050 Monterey Street, the SLO County Government Center (across from Fremont Theater), San Luis Obispo, CA
Featuring:  Musical performances, Engaging speakers, Pizza and drinks. and lots of

For more info: www.savecleanenergy.com
If you are coming from another city and are bringing a group, email lets@savecleanenergy.com to request help with transportation.

RSVP here and see you on December 4th!

Date: Saturday, December 4th, 11:00 am
Meet at: 1050 Monterey Street, the SLO County Government Center, San Luis Obispo, CA
Featuring:  Musical performances, Engaging speakers, Pizza and drinks. and lots of Media!
More info at: www.savecleanenergy.com)
Email: lets@savecleanenergy.com for help with transportation.

Save Diablo Poll

The San Luis Obispo paper ran an article with a review of the MIT and Stanford report which was released last week showing the benefits of continued operation of Diablo Canyon. They have provided a very clear overview of the issues as described in the study and the publishers of the article decided to field an informal poll at the bottom of this article asking readers if they think we should keep Diablo running or close it. As of today, with almost 250 respondents, 91% have voted to keep the plant running!  Please help us keep the positive votes coming in to show support for Diablo!  See the box at the bottom of the article (which could be mistaken for a pop-up ad).

Help Support Diablo Canyon:  Read the article and take this poll to show support for keeping Diablo open.

Legal Defense of Diablo Canyon

Independent, non-profit intervenor, Californians for Green Nuclear Power (CGNP) has been waging a battle for years in the interests of the environment, ratepayers and public safety while being met by a stone wall of denial, obstruction and obfuscation from state and federal agencies.  Even though the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has claimed that Diablo will be replaced with other sources of clean energy, the CPUC’s recent procurement order shows that the state will need an additional 11,500 megawatts of energy by 2026, an enormous amount, which includes replacment of Diablo Canyon’s lost clean energy.  As Dr. Gene Nelson, CGNP’s senior legal researcher explained in an OpEd, in order to meet this energy demand, the state plans to allow “Energy Imports” from out of state to meet the 2026 shortfall,” as a document filed by the California Independent System Operator in 2020 states. In fact, the CPUC’s references to “unspecified imports” is a California legal euphemism that mostly applies to out-of-state coal-fired generation, likely provided by PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy (BHE), which owns several coal and natural gas plants in the West and is constructing an Energy Gateway transmission project that will link several states. (There is already a transmission line in southern Nevada that links to a Southern California Edison substation, providing access to the California grid.). Despite a 2006 California law (SB 1368) that sets an emission standard for power provided to California, PacifiCorp obtained an exemption due to its “small footprint” in California. Despite these disturbing and counter-productive facts, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is acquiescing to Diablo Canyon’s closure and their decisions occupy a vaunted place that is above accountability, oversight or independent review. Challenges are denied without explanation. CPUC commissioners, as well as those of the California Energy Commission and the California Independent System Operator (CASIO) Board of Governors are all appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. Yet CGNP continues to wage a legal battle on behalf of residents. They welcome both financial and research support.  Please contact Government@CGNP.org for more information on how you can help.

Legal Acttions in process to defend Diablo Canyon:  Help CGNP maintain their legal challenges to the CPUC’s decision.

Petition to Governor Newsom, the California Legislature and the CPUC

The Climate Coalition will be sponsoring a state-wide petition to Governor Newsom, the California Legislature and CPUC to SAVE our CLEAN ENERGY.  Closing Diablo Canyon before we have eliminated the dirty energy that is causing climate is crazy.  California needs to reverse the decision to shutter clean Diablo Canyon before all sources of dirty emissions have been shuttered.  This petition is now being crafted by members of the Climate Coalition. To support this petition campaign, please join the Climate Coalition or simply submit your information here.  We are also welcoming early signatures and comments on the initial draft, which is likely to evolve. If you add your name now, we will reach out to you with the final text when the letter is ready for prime time. Save

Petition to save Diablo Canyon:  Be an early signatory and/or help us draft these crucial documents.