Can you agree to stop disagreeing about which clean energy solutions are best? If so, please join our Climate Détente!


We know that the perfect can be the enemy of the good. Right now, we are losing our fight against growing emissions. If we can’t stop arguing over which source of clean energy is best and agree that they all can play a role in our clean energy transition—including nuclear energy—we will not succeed in eliminating fossil fuels. But, if we can shift the paradigm, build a bigger and more effective coalition that includes both renewables and nuclear, progressives and conservatives, we can enable a more assured pathway towards a 100% clean energy economy.

The Climate Détente Plan

Climate Coalition's Detente Campaign

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All groups wishing to participate in our Climate Détente campaign can download our campaign flier by clicking on this image.  To sign up, please complete the below form. We will hold new member information securely under an embargo on public disclosure until we have received a critical mass of support. Then, we will update you and set a date for a public announcement, possibly as soon as Earth Day 2022. We will then coordinate a national press event for a big public reveal that will put the spotlight on the bipartisan coalition of organizations that have chosen to prioritize the broadest set of climate solutions and work together to eliminate emissions from fossil fuels as quickly as possible.


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