We’re building this alliance now

A Story of Epic Collaboration

In a podcast discussing the fight over the Keystone XL pipeline, we learned that the pipeline was threatening a Native American reservation. The folks there were protesting the encroachment by fossil fuels interests over their territory but were not succeeding in fighting off the pipeline company and its security force. They realized after a while that the pipeline also threatened landholders on either side of their reservation. Those lands were held mostly by individual farmers, ranchers and regular landholders whose lands were being eminent domained or pressured to lease.  Even though historically, the ranchers and residents of the  reservation had not always seen eye-to-eye, because they had common purpose fighting off the pipeline, reservation residents reached out. The two groups decided to talk together. They started with introductions to get to know each other. They start hosting each other to meals and celebrations to build community and learn more. They got to know each other and began building trust and respect for each other. Eventually they were ready to come together to fight their common enemy—the pipeline companies—and they created and coalition that they called the Cowboy Indian Alliance.  This group and their shared purpose enabled them to work together on strategies that better protected their lands and they were able to exert far pressure and be more successful as a result! 

Renewable Nuclear Alliance

We invite you to consider joining with a small coalition of groups starting to organize the Renewable Nuclear Alliance. We seek to start by building a working group of senior organizers to help us define our goals and identify and make contact with those environmental groups most likely to be open to discussing our plans and potentially supporting this effort. We will also be working to raise some financial support to enable us to fund later stages of the initiative that involve contracting for third-party services. Given the potential benefits of this effort, we urge those of you with some spare cycles to consider helping us build an epic and earth-saving climate collaboration. Sign up below to join this effort and we will be in touch privately.  Thank you.