About Valerie Gardner

Valerie Gardner has focused on finding scalable ways for individuals, organizations and governments to respond to climate change since 2005. She learned the basics by creating environmental educational programs for schools, then broadening her purview to create programming for area towns starting in 2007. In 2010, she began exploring how to decrease carbon emission exposure from investment portfolios and developed a "post-carbon-priced" portfolio strategy. Her research into clean energy solutions at scale led her to nuclear power, where she discovered the industry's impressive technological performance and a rather large but under-the-radar pronuclear community. She thought more environmentalists needed to get to #KnowNukes better. In 2016, she co-founded the Climate Coalition with a few other climate activists and who recognized that without nuclear's clean baseload power, humanity will remain dependent upon fossil fuels—especially natural gas—for reliable grids for far too long. The Climate Coalition is working to broaden awareness of this problem and the increasingly urgent need for the environmental movement to finally acknowledge the immense benefits of nuclear energy.

America’s Disastrous Environmental Divide

A message to the climate community. Friends, so many of you have posted wonderful pictures of celebrations, escapes into beauty, and reflections on both the joys and the sorrows of the past, while projecting and wishing good things for our future. In this moment of wishfulness and open introspection, [...]

America’s Disastrous Environmental Divide2020-01-02T23:59:34-08:00

Nuclear Politics

The Political Dilemma Posed by Nuclear Power As of the September 2019 Democratic Climate Debate, the following candidates have one way or another "declared" their support for the use of nuclear and/or advanced nuclear power to address climate:  Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Jay [...]

Nuclear Politics2020-01-04T13:12:03-08:00

Union of Concerned Scientists now supports nuclear power

The release of a Union of Concerned Scientists report calling for policies to support continued operation of nuclear power plants marks a watershed. UCS is the first major environmental NGO to recognize that nuclear energy presently, and for the foreseeable future, is a key climate mitigation technology. It is also the first to publicly and explicitly call for policies to support nuclear energy.

Union of Concerned Scientists now supports nuclear power2018-11-13T22:26:47-08:00

About radiation

Why we are afraid of radiation Most people are deathly afraid of radiation: for decades we’ve been told that radiation causes cancer.  This was the initial conclusion when researchers first noted that radiation can cause cells to mutate and become cancerous.  However, more recent scientific understandings of how our bodies deal with […]

About radiation2019-01-02T17:04:54-08:00

The Case for Ecomodernism

Why traditional “environmentalism” falls short If you are reading this page, the chances are good that you consider yourself an environmentalist.  You want to protect the environment for future generations just like we do.  It is easy to be against pollution and environmental degradation but the question is, what are you for?  […]

The Case for Ecomodernism2018-10-26T17:07:23-07:00

Fossil Fuels

  Fossil fuels — a double-edged sword Fossil fuels are a double-edged sword.  On the one hand, since the discovery and exploitation of fossil-era energy sources such as coal, petroleum oil and, more recently, methane, quality of life has improved dramatically.  Electricity and heating systems in the home, access to fuel for […]

Fossil Fuels2021-07-16T16:49:33-07:00
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