Where is the reporting about Climate Change?

Today is Easter.  It is also Earth Day.  Where is the uproar and clamour over what is happening to our planet?  According to the editors of the Washington Post, there are plenty of stories about climate change, they just tend to get lost in the firehose of news from other crises going on, like churches being burnt down.  But they have taken the time to collect up and elevate 24 of their climate change stories from the past year and create a special magazine cover design for each one and present them in a beautiful layout designed to highlight each story together.  They write:

We know that the clock is ticking on climate change, yet the sheer volume of news can make it tough for even the most conscientious citizen to comprehend the full scale of the crisis. So for Earth Day, we created a different way to read about climate change: an all-cover issue of The Washington Post Magazine, with each cover illustrating an aspect of climate change that The Post wrote about in the past year or so. Scroll down to see the stories — and the covers we created to highlight them.

These 24 magazine covers are gorgeous and the articles, if you’ve missed them, are worthwhile reading.  When you are done, come back to Climate Coalition and send us a note about how you might like to contribute to our efforts to get everyone focused on our goal of eliminating emissions within the next decade, so the planet, and all of God’s creatures residing on it, can survive this crisis.