The U.S. Energy Sector Contributes 84 % of the Country's Total Emissions

Chart from TriplePundit’s “Six Charts to Explain U.S. State Greenhouse Gas Emissions” (click image to go to article).

We believe that climate change poses the biggest existential threat to mankind, the environment and all living species. We have been reliant on fossil fuels for most of our energy for more than 100 years but now we know that the emissions that come from burning coal, oil and gas are the primary cause of global warming.  We need to transition away from using dirty fuels to using clean energy—and quickly!

Unfortunately, making such a huge change to an aspect of our society that is literally built into our infrastructure and which also requires dislodging those with financial interests in the old paradigm, who are very powerful, with extremely deep pockets long entrenched in our political processes is an extraordinarily difficult process.  Yet, with energy contributing to 84 percent of our country’s total emissions, it is clear that we need to win this fight against dirty energy and its greenhouse gas emissions (GHG-e) and make this abrupt transition to clean energy, if we want to survive. How can we possibly do this?

We really don’t have all the answers but we do know that when you have an unbelievably powerful adversary, one that is shrewd, ruthless, enormously greedy and so amoral that they are literally willing to cause the demise of the entire planet and all species on it to continue profiting from their lethal business, your best chances lay in teaming up with your natural allies.  That is what the Climate Coalition is really about.

The Climate Coalition endeavors to be a big tent for everyone to work together on this issue.  From the life-long anti-nuke environmentalist, to the life-long nuclear engineer. From the life-long petrochemical engineer who may finally be disenchanted, to those who just could not wrap their minds around this issue before—we welcome you.  Just so long as you are ready to take action now to prevent our man-made climate catastrophe from destroying the planet and the quality of life that we give to our children.

Unfortunately, with an avowed climate denier occupying the White House and a Congress largely controlled by fossil fuel donors, our prospects of eliminating dirty fossil fuels any time soon are not especially good. Technically, therefore, our side is losing.  Which, when you think about it, provides us with a good reason to go and try something new!

The case for the Climate Coalition

There are a lot of environmental groups already, why launch a new one?  Because the others haven’t succeeded.

What are you doing differently?  We are unifying around our common commitment to eliminate GHG emissions and we are going to work together to find the best sets of solutions.  Whether you are a conservative, moderate or progressive; an established industry expert or a wanna-be innovator; an anti-nuke activist or a pro-nuclear environmentalist; a solar, wind, or wave advocate or a nuclear engineer; an old-time conservationist or a newfangled storage entrepreneur; a molecular biologist, climate scientist or nano-particle physicist; an off-grid survivalist or a grid optimizer, grandparent, parent or adolescent—you are welcome here.   We are going to remember who the real enemy is, stop demonizing each other and work together.

What is your ultimate goal?  Zero greenhouse gas emissions from energy usage in ten years.

How will you achieve that?  The very first step is unifying our movement against GHG-e. In showing unity of purpose between all sectors of the clean energy industry, we will get the ball rolling.  The fact that renewables and nuclear activists have allied together to optimize 24×7 clean energy solutions will put the final knife into those projects and companies hoping to profit from yet more dirty fossil fuel production.  Already, oil and gas futures are way down but a publicized alliance between renewables and nuclear proponents will set fossil fuels aflame.  Oil and gas shares will drop precipitously, as the litigation over their deceptions and societal damage plays out and restrictions on usage get discussed.  Smart investors will flock to all types of clean energy companies and innovation and new companies will flourish.  As the oil money dries up, our elected representatives will wake up from their climate stupor and realize that there is nothing else to do but reconfigure policies to promote federal R&D support, so the U.S. can recapture its position as a market leader in clean energy innovation.  Along with this, trillions in private dollars will flood out of dying fossil fuel companies and flow into this totally new, growing market, encouraging dispersed rapid job growth, enabling nation-wide development hubs to churn out new technologies and build vast new global clean energy markets.  The rest will be easy.