Climate change concerns are increasing: Are our political, corporate and civic “leaders” doing enough?


If you are paying attention to the news at all, you know that we are running out of time before there are dire and irreversible consequences to the unremitting emissions that have characterized most of the 19th and 20th centuries. We are in deep trouble and need scientifically-based plans that will urgently effect massive reductions in the rate of emissions this decade.  Where are those plans?  Why haven’t our elected officials been working on them?  It appears that the majority of our elected representatives in the Federal Government and within many states are falling down on the job. What do you think? Who do you know who is actually working up to the level being demanded by this crisis?  We want to know what you think.

We are pleased to announce that the Climate Coalition is conducting a nationwide survey of public opinion about those leading institutions, organization and individuals whose job it is to help us address the threat from climate change.  Are these individuals and groups doing the absolute best job they can determining solutions to this threat?  They they succumbing to platitudes and ideology, rather than being effective?  Are they limiting their efforts to what is effectively  “greenwashing” by pretending to care but not really doing anything meaningful? Or worse, are we being led by people who are still denying that we need to address this threat or worse, actively opposing effective solutions?

We want to hear from you! There are many levels at which efforts to address climate change can be effective but none as important as within the federal government and the top leadership within each state. Unfortunately, the way our elected political leaders tend to get strong feedback on what voters think is during elections, which only come around every couple of years.  But this crisis can’t wait. We think they should be getting more frequent feed and actually get graded specifically on their job addressing climate change.  This is the most important issue there is but elections tend to be about a lot of issues.  This means that even election feedback is haphazard and unclear.

No longer.  We are organizing an annual survey to provide climate grades to all eligible climate officials from across all civic levels—including government, business and non-profit.  We are focusing exclusively on those groups that have a mandate to address climate change. Our question is: do they deserve an A or an F, or something in between?  Please support this effort by taking the Climate Grade survey.  Skip any question about individuals or groups that you don’t know—only respond about those individuals or groups that you know about.  Upon the completion of this survey, we will provide a report card and a grade for class of 2018 climate performance.  Thank you for your support!