We need your help  to get eco-rationality to prevail

Join our coalition and work with us on a range of campaigns.  We are seeking help from those who care to save the world from climate change while seeing humanity thrive.  Just click the JOIN THE COALITION button. You can sign up for yourself and/or your organization and express support for broader, more inclusive policies that allow for ALL clean energy technologies to be credited and valued for their contributions to our low-carbon grids.

Join our campaign to Save Indian Point from arbitrary and unnecessary premature closure.  We have put together a coalition that is working to communicate how important it is to save New York’s largest source of clean energy.  We need lots of help because Governor Cuomo has caved to political pressure from antinuclear environmental groups and fossil fuel interests—despite the multitude of economic, ecologic and energy benefits from having Indian Point as a reliable, baseload source of power for New York City and beyond.  This campaign is getting into high gear right now, so please join us, we have lots of work to do.