New York begs residents to decrease use of energy to avoid blackouts

MM New York City facing emergency energy crisis within 60 days of closing Indian Point: Who would have guessed? Commentary on 'Conserve Energy': New York City Begs Residents to Help Avoid Outages, a New York Times article by Mihir Zaveri and Ashley Wong Less than sixty days from closing the [...]

New York begs residents to decrease use of energy to avoid blackouts2021-07-20T00:08:10-07:00

NYISO’s Misleading Information

NYISO's Mischaractization of Key Information The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) releases an annual state of the grid and markets report called Power Trends. According to NYISO CEO, Robert Fernandez, this report "provides the facts and analysis necessary to understand the many factors shaping New York’s complex electric system."  In [...]

NYISO’s Misleading Information2020-09-14T02:15:24-07:00

So Gas it is . . .

So Gas it is! by Isuru Seneviratne, Nuclear New York April 27, 2020 ______________________ New York’s electricity is a tale of two grids: the low-carbon upstate grid (81% powered by hydro and nuclear), and the high-carbon downstate one (70% powered by methane gas). Indian Point is responsible for 80% of downstate clean [...]

So Gas it is . . .2020-05-10T10:22:51-07:00
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