Swords into Plughshares

Swords into Ploughshares At the end of 2013, Susan Eisenhower reported the end of the Megatons to Megawatts program in which Russia would ship Low Enriched Uranium to the United States so that they could convert nuclear weapons into energy. This program costed no money to the United States tax payer, converted [...]

Swords into Plughshares2020-01-03T10:46:37-08:00

Nuclear, but better

Nuclear, but better Following listener requests of discussing nuclear, the Marketplace podcast-Make Me Smart with Kai and Molly-brought on Suzy Hobbs Baker as their nuclear energy expert. Baker is the creative director for the Fastest Path to Zero Initiative at the University of Michigan. The hosts, Kai and Molly, begin the show [...]

Nuclear, but better2020-01-03T10:35:23-08:00
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