Thank you. We came out in force to demand grid reliability!

Thanks to all who answered the call to Support Grid Reliability.  We are very pleased to have had a really strong show of support for the action filed by Californians for Green Nuclear Power (CGNP), a non-profit environmental group in California, calling on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to review the planned retirement of Diablo Canyon, California’s largest single source of clean energy and the only source of firm clean power. Along with CGNP, we argued that shutting Diablo Canyon is a threat to California’s grid reliability and the health and well-being of Californians. At this time, the period for submitting supporting comments or intervening as a party has passed.

Monitoring the action. We urge those who are interested in this very important case to continue to educate yourself and follow the action.  You can do that by going to FERC eLibrary and search by the case’s Docket No. EL21-13-000, which will produce all of the submittals for this case, which currently numbers 50. You can download any of the documents that have been submitted individually to learn more about the pleadings submitted by CGNP on October 26, 2020 or any subsequent intervention, pleading or comment.  Additionally, you can eRegister with FERC and track the progress of this case by requesting to be notified of any submission.

The comment period is closed.  CGNP and the intervenors will be able to continue to respond to pleadings pursuant to FERC’s procedures. If you missed the November 16th deadline for submittals or comments, there may be a way to apply to make a late pleading. You may contact CGNP at for more information on how you might be able to do that.  Otherwise, the best way to support the success of this action is by supporting CGNP directly.

Here’s what you can still do to help

Support CGNP

Californians for Green Nuclear Power is a small non-profit which has worked tirelessly to raise funding to do the necessary research and legal work that was required to submit this important action—consisting of more 700 pages of documentation—to FERC. If you would like to support CGNP’s efforts, you can do so by becoming a member for $30 a year or by simply donating to help them fund their expenses.

Thank you for your consideration and support!

Stay apprised of the CGNP action

The best way to get up to speed on this issue is to read CGNP’s initial pleading.
To do this, co to the FERC website and search for CGNP’s docket.
Use docket number EL21-13-000 with the link to access all of CGNP’s filings as well as all submittals of comments and interventions since the action was filed. These are available at no-cost download and you don’t even need to register (link: Once you have access the docket, go to the earliest entry there, where the initial pleadings are posted.  You will be able to down documents separately or everything as one long PDF.  There is quite a lot of great information, resources and references that can help you understand the basis and rationale for this action with the FERC. Thereafter, you can review the various comments and pleadings that have been submitted by different parties.

Join the Climate Coalition

We are a coalition of clean energy and climate-focused individuals and groups who prioritize emissions reductions over partisanship. Climate change is a crisis far more formidable than even the Covid-19 pandemic.  We cannot allow technology prefernces or prejudices derail our urgent need to reduce emissions. Unfortunately, some kinds of knee-jerk prejudices blind people to the irrationality of closing sources of clean energy while we continue to spew carbon emissions from dirty energy sources.  This is what causes the climate insanity that makes otherwise rational people support closing clean nuclear power plants—as New York has just done by forcing the closure of 1,000 MW of clean energy at Indian Point and replacing that with three new gas-burning plants—before all sources of dirty energy have been replaced with zero-emission energy first. This results in big increases in emissions—the exact wrong direction to go.

We support adding all types of new clean energy and we are opposed to the closure of any source of clean energy before we have achieved zero net emissions.  Accordingly, we work to educate the public and amplify the voices of climate activists collaborating to both defend and grow our clean energy sources free of climate hypocrisy. It is this hypocrisy that allows the fossil fuel industry—and particularly natural gas interests—to thrive and become the majority source of energy by “partnering” with renewables. We are making progress building more strategic relationships and we will continue to use facts and science to hold politicians’ feet to the fire, so they don’t sell out our future for their own political gain. We hope you will join us.