We Demand a Green New Deal Focused on 100% Clean Energy

We have launched a MoveOn petition demanding that the Green New Deal being discussed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez focuses on achieving 100% non-emitting clean energy.

There are problems with demanding 100% renewables, because this ignores some of our best and most powerful sources of clean energy, namely large hydro and nuclear power. Additionally, renewables sound great but the term actually includes a majority of sources of carbon-emitting energy techologies, such as biowaste (burning garbage), biomass (burning trees and other green waste) and biofuels (growing plants that can be converted into hydrocarbon liquid fuels), which all continue to add carbon to the atmosphere. Please join our call for a Green New Deal focused on achieving zero emissions through the use of 100% non-emitting clean energy technologies.

Green New Deal “Leaves the Door Open” on Nuclear!

Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from New York’s 14th district, has called for a Green New Deal and she has released a proposal for a rule change to create a brand new Select Committee on a Green New Deal, which committee would then be empowered to draft a plan that would transform our economy and society at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis. Importantly, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has said that she is keeping “an open mind about nuclear’s role in effort to clean energy.”

“I don’t take a strong anti- or pro-position on it,” the New York Democrat said about nuclear energy in an interview late last week. Her Green New Deal resolution, which calls for “clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy” to meet 100 percent of U.S. power needs in the next 10 years, “leaves the door open on nuclear so that we can have that conversation,” she said.”

UPDATE:  Our MoveOn petition has received 400 signatures!

Let’s all urge Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and all of our representatives to be open to including nuclear energy, so we have a hope of working together to achieve 100 % clean energy. We need to everyone to focus on what the data and the scientists have told us, rather than on the political popularity of one technology over another. If you agree, please sign our petition. If you are affiliated with another organization, please consider joining forces as a co-sponsor of the petition. You can contact us here to have your organization’s name added as a sponsor.

Petition Signatories (We are now at 400!)

2019 Signatories

Norman Scherer, Sep 3, 2019             <== 400th Signatory
Donald W Fost from Greentown, PA Aug 14, 2019
William Vaughn from Rochester, NY Jun 20, 2019
Aaron M Watson from Greenwich, NY Jun 20, 2019
Jack E Bennett from Honolulu, HI Jun 20, 2019
Gary Kahanak from 2, AR Jun 19, 2019
Michael Madden from New City, NY Feb 24, 2019
Jack Bornoff from Studio City, CA Feb 16, 2019
Luella Engelhart from Santa Barbara, CA Jun 8, 2019
Julia Farrell from Orchard Park, NY May 28, 2019
Janine Ashe from Washington, DC Apr 23, 2019
Damon McIntosh from Laguna beach, CA Jul 2, 2019

“Do it!!!”

Ray Grosveld from Arcata, CA Jul 1, 2019
Charles Dunlop Jul 1, 2019

“I’m a physicist.”

Kate Heaton from Manchester Center, VT Jun 26, 2019
Mark D Robinson from Pensacola, FL Jun 22, 2019

“Nuclear and geothermal remain the most cost-effective non-carbon energy sources we have. Both must be developed to meet IPCC temperature goals, as shown by the success of France’s strategy vs failure of Germany’s”

Stephen Williams from Santa Cruz, CA Jun 22, 2019

“We must use all the low carbon energy sources we have, including nuclear power.”

Sara Bernal Taylor from Olney, MD Jun 21, 2019
Matthew Ward from Lopez, WA Jun 21, 2019

“We need a broad-based approach to clean energy!”

Nathan Turner from San Diego, CA Jun 21, 2019
Mason Friedberg from Portola Valley, CA Jun 21, 2019
William Vaughn from Rochester, NY. Jun 20, 2019
Aaron M Watson from Greenwich, NY. Jun 20, 2019
Jack Bennett from Honolulu, HI. Jun 20, 2019
Gary Kahanak from 2, AR. Jun 19, 2019
Luella Engelhart from Santa Barbara, CA.  Jun 8, 2019
Julia Farrell from Orchard Park, NY.   May 28, 2019
Sara Shields from Nathalie, VA.   May 5, 2019

“Our planet deserves the respect and protection for the beauty and life it gives us. All life is affected by our rampant pollution and disregard for the future. The Green New Deal is a pathway forward for us to stop the decay!”

Janine Ashe from Washington, DC.  Apr 23, 2019
Amelia Akerhielm.  Apr 19, 2019
Casey Snowdon from Portland, OR. Apr 19, 2019
Reed Petersen from Portland, OR. Apr 15, 2019
Eric E Knaak from Rochester, NY. Mar 22, 2019
Robert Perry from Tyler, TX. Mar 14, 2019
Lisa Schoenberger from Malibu, CA. Mar 1, 2019
Matthew Alhonte from NEW YORK, NY. Feb 28, 2019

“The science is sound. Modern nuclear is safe, and as far as I’ve seen the only way to guarantee an emissions-free future without a massive drop in the standard of living.”

Alejandra M. Pickett from SCOTIA, NY. Feb 25, 2019

“This is the most important issue of our time.”

Michael Madden from New City, NY. Feb 24, 2019
Jack Bornoff from Studio City, CA. Feb 16, 2019
Michelle Paul from Austin, TX. Feb 14, 2019
Jennifer Lin from Los Angeles, CA. Feb 14, 2019
Annie Brock from Laramie, WY. Feb 14, 2019
Kevin Rath from Oakland, CA. Feb 12, 2019

“How we acheive this infrastructure and how we change some of our practices should be discussed. That we build this infrastructure and change our ways needs to be adopted and implemented. Now.”

Chenoa Stuart from Tacoma, WA. Feb 12, 2019
Derek Laney from St. Louis, MO. Feb 10, 2019
George Glover from Wappingers Falls, NY. Feb 9, 2019
Dawn Malia Thompson from Longmont, CO. Feb 8, 2019
Sarah Anderson from Denver, CO. Feb 8, 2019
David Selsley from Oakland, CA. Feb 7, 2019
Angela R Jones from Rockford, IL. Feb 7, 2019
Lori Hartman from Sheboygan, WI. Feb 7, 2019
Jack Blaszkowski from Collierville, TN. Jan 28, 2019
Lisa M Ceccarini from Randolph, MA. Jan 25, 2019
Tania Smith from Killeen, TX. Jan 8, 2019
Timothy J. Mullen from Gettysburg, PA. Jan 7, 2019

“Every gallon of gasoline burned makes 20 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2). There is so much CO2 mixed into the Earth’s oceans that they are now turning acidic with carbonic acid. Acid dissolves alkaline/calcium. Shell fish and coral are made of calcium. We need a carbon tax on all fossil fuels AND everything made from and fueled by fossil fuels YESTERDAY. The tax revenue is to be used to PLANT FORESTS OF TREES, i.e., plant trees on barges, plant trees on marginal farm land, plant trees in riparian buffers along waterways, etc. Trees EAT CO2 and: (1.) Produce oxygen (O2). (2.) Cool the air. (3.) Clean the air. (4.) Hold water in the ground and prevent desertification. (5.) Prevent or reduce flooding. (6.) Provide habitat for wildlife. (Two-thirds of all wildlife is now gone from Earth due to forest destruction by humans AND because humans EAT everything they can get their hands on.) Please act ASAP to put people to work planting trees AND found the International Institute of Tree Science, Pathology and Genetics. Due to global climate change many species of trees are developing deadly diseases just when more trees are needed most. Thank you for your kind and considerate attention to the above matters of no small importance in saving the life of every living thing on Earth, not just humans.”

Kayla Starr from Talent, OR. Jan 2, 2019
Howard Patterson from Portland, OR. Jan 2, 2019

“The most important thing our government can do.”

Jonathan Coxhead from San Carlos, CA. Jan 2, 2019

“This is the defining political battle of 2019. Let’s start now!”

Dominique Serrand from Minneapolis, MN. Jan 2, 2019
Marc Smason from Seattle, WA. Jan 2, 2019
Helen Anderson from Portland, ME. Jan 1, 2019
Bon Malten from Portland, OR. Jan 1, 2019
Madeleine Sosin from Seattle, WA. Jan 1, 2019

“There is nothing “radical” about the New Green Deal. It is simply what science, common sense, love of life, our children and our beautiful planet demand that we MUST DO NOW for survival! Back the New Green Deal and fully empower it now, or continue to be part of the problem, criminally aiding and abetting the corporate interests that we must get out of our government. As science has clearly and repeatedly stated; the time for incrimentalization is long past.”

2018 Signatories

James Sterner from New York, NY. Dec 26, 2018
Carmen N. Garcia Irizarry from Gales Ferry, CT. Dec 24, 2018
Henry J Morgen from Los Angeles, CA. Dec 20, 2018

“Actually, I support any viable version of a “green new deal” that will start to drive our country towards a more environmentally friendly and growing economy. I’m not fully supportive of everything in the one being supported by MoveOn necessarily.”

Pam Raby from Albany, OR. Dec 20, 2018
Dominic Percopo from West Haven, CT. Dec 19, 2018
Yasmin Solomon from Gualala, CA. Dec 19, 2018

“We must get off of fossil fuels NOW and make a GREEN NEW DEAL, with jobs in the Clean Energy industries. we must save our planet for The Children. NOW!!”

William Radecki from Hampton, VA. Dec 19, 2018
Tim Larson from Cloverdale, CA. Dec 19, 2018

“HUFFMAN- YOU FORGOT HUFFMAN- we need nuclear ASAP forget RE.”

David McFarland from Goose Creek, SC. Dec 19, 2018
Susan Evans from Polson, MT. Dec 18, 2018
Kelly Grindstaff from Saratoga Springs, NY. Dec 18, 2018
Charlotte Hanin from Atlantic City, NJ. Dec 18, 2018
Jenifer M Horne from Madison, WI. Dec 18, 2018
Kevin Porter from Sacramento, CA. Dec 18, 2018
Jerimy Bass from Durant, OK. Dec 18, 2018
Esther Kronenberg from Olympia, WA. Dec 18, 2018

“Make corporations responsible! The network for spiritual progressives advocates for a corporate responsibility amendment. I support this. These fossil fuel companies are destroying our natural resources and killing people. Enough!”

Chris Casper from Stevens Point, WI. Dec 18, 2018
Sandy Smith from Sebastopol, CA. Dec 18, 2018

“Never was this more needed. Otherwise, we are dancing our way to the precipice.”

Rowena E DeFato from Snohomish, WA. Dec 18, 2018
Melissa Rhodus from richmond, KY. Dec 18, 2018
Clara Guerrero from Chicago, IL. Dec 18, 2018
Stephen Farkash from Rio Rancho, NM. Dec 18, 2018
Flerida from Lynn, MA. Dec 18, 2018
Riley V Canada II from Marietta, GA.Dec 18, 2018
Betsey Folsom from Milwaukee, WI. Dec 18, 2018
Madeline Malin Price from Los Angeles, CA. Dec 18, 2018
Brian Kuhn from santa monica, CA. Dec 18, 2018
Judy S. from Miami, FL. Dec 18, 2018
Sarah Sowah from Las Vegas, NV. Dec 17, 2018
Tory Ewing from Omaha, NE. Dec 17, 2018
Rebecca Fitzgerald from Auburn, NY. Dec 17, 2018
Bernardine Greene from Succasunna, NJ. Dec 17, 2018
Julia Knight from Albuquerque, NM. Dec 17, 2018
Jessica M Weber from Ravenna, OH. Dec 17, 2018
RajNouriel W Finley from Portland, OR. Dec 17, 2018
Julia McMillen from Boulder, CO. Dec 17, 2018
A.geraci from Eugene, OR. Dec 17, 2018
Robert Cruder from Elizabeth, CO. Dec 17, 2018
Michael Todd from Ithaca College, NY. Dec 17, 2018
Betsy Coffey from Louisville, KY. Dec 17, 2018
Alan Bosshardt from Hawthorne, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Gary Shephard from Watauga, TX. Dec 17, 2018
Roxie Piatigorski from Las Vegas, NV. Dec 17, 2018
Steve from Boulder, CO. Dec 17, 2018
Louis Klozik from New Lenox, IL. Dec 17, 2018
Stephen & Linda Raap from Nekoosa, WI. Dec 17, 2018
Karen Lavee-Myers from colorado springs, CO. Dec 17, 2018
Lynn Mignola from Bedminster, NJ. Dec 17, 2018
Georgia Griffin from Chesterfield Township, MI. Dec 17, 2018
Deborah Otto Sundrman from Anderson, SC. Dec 17, 2018
Larry Rodehorst from Topeka, KS. Dec 17, 2018
Jessica Frasca from Peoria, IL. Dec 17, 2018
Elizabeth Johnson from Stevenson, WA. Dec 17, 2018
Diane Routman from Kenosha, WI. Dec 17, 2018
Marilee Corey from Salem, OR. Dec 17, 2018
Paige Rasmussen from Bloomington, IN. Dec 17, 2018
Sonja Koontz from Pana, IL. Dec 17, 2018
Marilyn Hesche from Spring Valley, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Gary J. Maciejewski from Lutsen, MN. Dec 17, 2018
Mary Holzer from CA. Dec 17, 2018
Marnie Scheinberg from Northville, MI. Dec 17, 2018
William Watts from Athens, GA. Dec 17, 2018
Ann E. Ruthsdottir from Brunswick, ME. Dec 17, 2018
Rita ka from Earlville, IL. Dec 17, 2018
Sue deVall from Castle Valley, UT. Dec 17, 2018

“Renewables are our future until we can figure out what to do with the waste from nuclear energy. NO to continuing to support climate changing fossil fuels.”

Charley Cartee from Oviedo, FL. Dec 17, 2018

“Nuclear power is the only realistic way of turning back from the climate change cliff.”

Bess Gottfried from santa cruz, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Trevor Wilson from Coral Springs, FL. Dec 17, 2018
Robert A Weiner from Pittsburgh, PA. Dec 17, 2018
Deb Lincoln from Johnston, IA. Dec 17, 2018
Paula Plasky from Greenfield, WI. Dec 17, 2018
David Tucker from Boone, IA. Dec 17, 2018
Nancy Mashaw from Canton, NY. Dec 17, 2018
Alan Weiskott from Columbia, MD. Dec 17, 2018
Jan Wesley from Los Angeles, CA. Dec 17, 2018
M from Grand Junction, CO. Dec 17, 2018
Robert Hamm from Edmond, OK. Dec 17, 2018
L Gregory from bellingham, WA. Dec 17, 2018
Lorraine West from Pine Bush, NY. Dec 17, 2018
Harriet Rzetelny from Schenectady, NY. Dec 17, 2018
Lynn Y Eddy from Midlothian, VA. Dec 17, 2018
John Forecast from Newton, MA. Dec 17, 2018
Vicki Geehan from Carlsbad, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Phil Miller from Warrensburg, MO. Dec 17, 2018
Dr Renee Dolezal from Chicago, IL. Dec 17, 2018
Chris Frogner from Seattle, WA. Dec 17, 2018
Royce Nakatani from Woodbridge, VA. Dec 17, 2018
Lyneta Piela from Elgin, IL. Dec 17, 2018
Betty Ball from San Diego, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Frank from Louisville, KY. Dec 17, 2018
Daniel Maurice from Phoenix, AZ. Dec 17, 2018<

“Go Green!!!”

Gail Silva from Framingham, MA. Dec 17, 2018
Leanore Saltz from Beverly Hills, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Marilyn Livote from Buena Park, CA. Dec 17, 2018
John Kirkman from Sanford, NC. Dec 17, 2018
Kate Farrell from Brooklyn, NY. Dec 17, 2018
Richard Fields from Severna Park, MD. Dec 17, 2018
Lynn M Tesser from Alexandria, VA. Dec 17, 2018
Lisa halpern from Seattle, WA. Dec 17, 2018
Lee Johnson from Trenton, NJ. Dec 17, 2018
Noah Hahn from Brooklyn, NY. Dec 17, 2018

“Time to address climate change in a bold, comprehensive way.”

Bill Ackerman from Homosassa, FL. Dec 17, 2018
Nancy Neely from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Clinton Roche from Clarkston, MI. Dec 17, 2018
Steve Goodwin from Lafayette, IN. Dec 17, 2018

“A Green New Deal is essential to save the planet plus is better for the economy – should be a no brainer.”

Ann Rak from Schererville, IN. Dec 17, 2018
ANTHONY TEDESCO from Lakewood, NJ. Dec 17, 2018
Earle Kasregis from Roxbury, ME. Dec 17, 2018
Leslie Myles-Sanders from Bay City, MI. Dec 17, 2018
susan choi from PITTSBURGH, PA. Dec 17, 2018
Adrienne Ross from Lamy, NM. Dec 17, 2018
Chris Womack from Mill Valley, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Viviane Raskin-Levin from Long Beach, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Dennis Kortheuer from Long Beach, CA. Dec 17, 2018

“The on-going climate crisis is one of the biggest threats to life as we know it and must be fought now and with great force.”

Ken Rosen from Beverly Hills, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Wendy Gehring from Portland, OR. Dec 17, 2018
Mark Stuart from Harris, MN. Dec 17, 2018

“We absolutely need to move to 100 percent clean energy ASAP.”

Chris DiMeglio from Brooklyn, NY. Dec 17, 2018
Carl Anderson from Prescott, AZ. Dec 17, 2018
James Dean from Brier, WA. Dec 17, 2018
Ersilia from chicago, IL. Dec 17, 2018
Will Salmon from Carmel Valley, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Marilyn Olson from Valparaiso, IN. Dec 17, 2018
Merlin Emrys from Santa Fe, NM. Dec 17, 2018
Terry Barber from Eugene, OR. Dec 17, 2018


GARRY J. STILL from SHREVE, OH. Dec 17, 2018


Kathy Smachlo from Shaker Heights, OH. Dec 17, 2018

“Now is the time for action. Please help this country step up!”

Dana Tankell from San Diego, CA. Dec 17, 2018
Carolyn wilson from Bardstown, KY. Dec 17, 2018
Kay Hartley from Donaldsonville, LA. Dec 17, 2018
Charles K Looney from Scappoose, OR. Dec 17, 2018
MaryAnn & William Player from Toledo, OH. Dec 17, 2018
Mitchel Fortner from Miami Beach, FL. Dec 17, 2018
Gary Tonkin from Duluth, MN. Dec 17, 2018
William G Kingston from New Castle, NH. Dec 17, 2018
Mark Lewis. Dec 17, 2018

“Nuclear is our best, cleanest, and most dense energy option. It should take the lead in our clean energy solution.”

JoDee Sattler from Hartland, WI. Dec 17, 2018
Patrick Mulvey from Austin, TX. Dec 17, 2018
Sean Shannon. Dec 17, 2018
Benjamin Bearman. Dec 17, 2018

“Use Gen IV nuclear to eliminate fossil fuel use for power generation then convert to renewable once the technology is available.”

Jona Adams from Portland, OR. Dec 17, 2018
Phil Weyenberg from South Portland, ME. Dec 16, 2018

“Nuclear finally is our best bet.”

Angela Gunderson. Dec 16, 2018
Anthony Orendorff from Port Byron, IL. Dec 16, 2018
Kenneth W Kawahara from Port Townsend, WA, Dec 16, 2018

“Nuclear is clearly the only viable option at current levels of technological development of alternative energy sources.”

Gregory Fitz from Seattle, WA. Dec 16, 2018

“Nuclear power is crucial to our efforts to decarbonize the economy. It must be included in the New Green Deal!”

Wayne Proctor from Portland, OR. Dec 16, 2018

“Nuclear reactors are not bombs. Reactors haven’t killed anyone in decades.

Mark Miller from Albuquerque, NM. Dec 16, 2018
Susan Peterson from Media, PA. Dec 16, 2018
S. from Shrewsbury, MA. Dec 16, 2018
Mark Judy Harvey from Great Bend, PA. Dec 15, 2018
Charles Knoles from Lee, MA. Dec 15, 2018

“Love the green new deal but the more I read and get educated about the benefits of nuclear power the more I see that it is a vital component to decarbonization.”

Roseanne Baker from Bella Vista, AR. Dec 15, 2018
Efraín Flores from PR, PR. Dec 15, 2018
Susan Morales from Long Beach, CA. Dec 15, 2018
Shelley Gardner from Chester, VA. Dec 15, 2018
Carol Keiter from Providence, RI. Dec 15, 2018
Susan D. Shaffer from Lake Charles, LA. Dec 15, 2018
Claire Russell from Mill Valley, CA. Dec 15, 2018
Evelyn Fox Keller from Cambridge, MA. Dec 15, 2018
Robert M from Saint Louis, MO. Dec 15, 2018

“Yes. We need to reverse the setbacks from the Trump administration”

John Schubert from Coopersburg, PA. Dec 15, 2018
Jessica Wehry from Pittsfield, MA. Dec 15, 2018
Nancy Robertson from Danville, KY. Dec 15, 2018
Lance Polya from Jericho, VT. Dec 15, 2018
Julian Yerena Jr from Parlier, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Ewan Clow from Culver City, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Evan Ingle from San Diego, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Jennifer L Stahl from Cudahy, WI. Dec 14, 2018
Dennis Alanen from Roseville, MN. Dec 14, 2018
hans lashlee from jamescreek, PA. Dec 14, 2018

“stop FASCISM,take down trump!!!!”

Geoff R MacNaughton from Bend, IA. Dec 14, 2018
April Warwick from Anchorage, AK. Dec 14, 2018

“Either humans address climate change or it will address us.”

Chrys Morris from Wampum, PA. Dec 14, 2018
Paula Touhey from Kenosha, WI. Dec 14, 2018
Matthew Genaze from Cambridge, MA. Dec 14, 2018

“We have scientific data and long standing evidence of the damage that will be caused by allowing such an action to occur. One of the key roles of government is to preserve public safety. Willfully ignoring clear evidence of an impending catastrophe is a dereliction of duty. Scientists have worked for decades to assemble an incontrovertible body of evidence related to our changing climate, and ignoring that information is insidious. Future generations’ resources, health and prosperity is dependent on us acting immediately, significantly and broadly.”

Judith Hayes from Medford, OR. Dec 14, 2018
Mildred Chazin from ALBANY, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Susan L Louden from Seymour, IN. Dec 14, 2018
Linda Sleffel from Columbus, OH. Dec 14, 2018

“The life of every human being and every other species on earth is at stake. unless we act immediately to reduce greenhouse gases and slow global warming. Please support a Green New Deal now–before it’s too late…!”

Larry Olafson from Petaluma, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Nancy Jacobs from Bellevue, WA. Dec 14, 2018
Alvaro Garza from Modesto, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Peter Aleff from Vineland, NJ. Dec 14, 2018
Tisha Le Rose from Albuquerque, NM. Dec 14, 2018

“Please……….. and thank you Nancy”

Terri Richmond from Mansfield, AR. Dec 14, 2018
Stephen Marshall from turnersville, NJ. Dec 14, 2018
Wendy Savoie from Richmond, VT. Dec 14, 2018
Thomas R Dawley from North Kingstown, RI. Dec 14, 2018
Karen Kwiatkowski from Fredonia, NY. Dec 14, 2018
Marjorie Angelo from bunnell, FL. Dec 14, 2018
Isabelle Chappuis from San Jose, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Margot Mabie from Old Greenwich, CT. Dec 14, 2018
Sean Hagstrom from Redlands, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Mona Kanin from Brooklyn, NY. Dec 14, 2018
John Bro from Montour, IA. Dec 14, 2018
Phyllis Dolph from Port Townsend, WA. Dec 14, 2018

“This is SO very IMPORTANT !”

Sarah D. Haynes, Ph.D. from Eagle, ID. Dec 14, 2018
Tom Stavros from Saint Cloud, MN. Dec 14, 2018
Jackson from Owensboro, KY. Dec 14, 2018
Karen M Swift from Gresham, OR. Dec 14, 2018
david j. lafond from Holyoke, MA. Dec 14, 2018
LaVive Kiely from San Francisco, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Richard Benson from Lawndale, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Grace Hall from Somerville, MA. Dec 14, 2018
Jean Davis from San Diego, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Margo Cooper from Onchiota, NY. Dec 14, 2018


Sandy Hackett from Fortuna, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Josh Hunt from Los Angeles, CA, Dec 14, 2018
Vicki Ryder from Durham, NC. Dec 14, 2018
Marilyn Standley from Sebastopol, CA. Dec 14, 2018

“Need to NOT include nuclear in the green solution!!!”

RW from Pompano Beach, FL. Dec 14, 2018
Lorraine Heagy from Lititz, PA. Dec 14, 2018
David Fine from San Francisco, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Margaret Dematteo from Stirling, NJ. Dec 14, 2018
Robert Traer from Claremont, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Gretchen August from St Paul, MN. Dec 14, 2018
Phil MacLellan from Powers Lake, ND. Dec 14, 2018
Katherine Gyllensvard from Watertown, MA. Dec 14, 2018
Martin Percher from Coconut Creek, FL. Dec 14, 2018
Dave Anderson from Boulder, CO. Dec 14, 2018
Christie Bradley from Hood River, OR. Dec 14, 2018
Sandra Bagger from Allen Park, MI. Dec 14, 2018
John Paone from Mashpee, MA. Dec 14, 2018

“Civilization cannot waste one more day failing to take serious, substantive steps to deal with global warming.”

Karl Forest from Capitola, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Ann Marsala from COOPERSTOWN, NY. Dec 14, 2018
Joanne Pavia from Newport Beach, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Peter Birckhead from Guilford, CT. Dec 14, 2018
Boutis Lazarus from Tucson, AZ. Dec 14, 2018
James Whitney from Creedmoor, NC. Dec 14, 2018

“I hear that there is no down side to renewables, so lets get it done..JimW”

Mary Ellen Verdu from Salem, VA. Dec 14, 2018
Malcolm Cumming from Clinton, WA. Dec 14, 2018
Agnew Wilson from West Hollywood, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Gary and Seraphina Landgrebe from SOQUEL, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Laura J Shore from Marshall, VA. Dec 14, 2018
Janet Perlman from Berkeley, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Michael Shea from Kingsburg, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Scott MacDougall from Berkeley, CA. Dec 14, 2018
Janet Larson from Atherton, CA. Dec 14, 2018
RICHARD CARPENTER from Temple Terrace, FL. Dec 14, 2018
Thomas Gulick from Canton, GA. Dec 14, 2018
Dan Overmyer from Nehalem, OR. Dec 14, 2018
Benjamin Lilley. Dec 14, 2018
Michael Malizia from West Hempstead, NY. Dec 14, 2018
Charles Neidich from New York, NY. Dec 14, 2018
William Johnson from MELBOURNE, FL. Dec 14, 2018

“speed up the process, we have delayed more than reason would allow.”

David Cook. Dec 14, 2018
Bobbi Lempert from Burnsville, NC. Dec 14, 2018
Vinod Mubayi from Miller Place, NY. Dec 14, 2018
Roger Ward from Oshkosh, WI. Dec 14, 2018
Aaron Reynolds. Dec 14, 2018
Frances Lucero from Albuquerque, NM. Dec 14, 2018
Keith Russell. Dec 14, 2018
Nick Pettinati Jr from Media, PA. Dec 14, 2018
James Simpson from Sonoma, CA. Dec 13, 2018

“Easily paid for with the 23 trillion $ of unaccounted taxpayer money currently undisclosed by the breakaway society that actually runs congress. LFTER alone would give us unlimited clean nuclear energy. Too bad it does not generate weapons grade plutonium, and actually uses that sword as fuel- thus beating swords into plows.”

John Lindberg from Cary, NC. Dec 13, 2018

“Need to develop Gen IV nuclear power plants.”

Rod Coenen from Appleton, WI. Dec 13, 2018

“The intermittency of wind and solar is currently met with natural gas. The growth in wind/solar increasingly forces parallel growth in natural gas. The goal is zero emissions. 100% clean energy demands a nuclear component large enough to reverse and eliminate fossil fuels. Nuclear provides base load green energy. Wind and solar provide green energy only when subsidy and other green energies are available to back them up.”

Paul Mancarella from FARMINGTON, CT. Dec 13, 2018
Phyllis D’Anna from San Carlos, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Steven Layer from Lakewood, CO. Dec 13, 2018

“It’s ridiculous to be driving an electric vehicle powered by burning coal and natural gas. New, advanced, molten salt reactors provide the high density, CO2 free, and low waste power that we need along with wind and solar for a cleaner and more sustainable future!”

Charles Medler from Jamaica Plain, MA. Dec 13, 2018

“Renewable energy should be the top priority of The Congress and our country.”

Vonna Viglione from Raleigh, NC. Dec 13, 2018
Richard Rudzinski from Portland, OR. Dec 13, 2018
Helen Duquette from Fremont, OH. Dec 13, 2018

“We need nuclear to save the planet. Nuclear is the only reliable source of electricity that doesn’t destroy the ozone.”

Carolyn Chadbourne from Colonia, NJ. Dec 13, 2018
Jeff Ward from Dalhart, TX. Dec 13, 2018
Charles Patterson from Easton, PA. Dec 13, 2018
Stephen Scheeren from Miami Shores, FL. Dec 13, 2018
Declan M Chadbourne from Colonia, NJ. Dec 13, 2018
Amanda Fogarty from Quarryville, PA. Dec 13, 2018

“We need an all above approach. Nuclear power, carbon capture, renewables must all be used, and on a level playing field. Nuclear power is our greatest weapon against climate change, and it must be used to its greatest capacity.”

Ajax Greene from Gardiner, Fa. Dec 13, 2018
Laura Alexander from Eufaula, AL. Dec 13, 2018
Deanna Rodriguez. Dec 13, 2018
Maureen Mooney from Chicago, IL. Dec 13, 2018
Judy Schultz from San Francisco, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Linda A. Heath from Grafton, OH. Dec 13, 2018
Raul Brennerl from San Luis Obispo, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Nancy Warner from Indianapolis, IN. Dec 13, 2018
Mary Russell from Baltimore, MD. Dec 13, 2018
Joe Cox from Tucson, AZ. Dec 13, 2018
Robbie Zleatham from Boise, ID. Dec 13, 2018
Chris Archer from Fort Worth, TX. Dec 13, 2018
Amanda Gotto from New Paltz, NY. Dec 13, 2018
William Conger from Anacortes, WA. Dec 13, 2018
Caroline Fromson from Brea, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Annette Schmit from Orland Park, IL. Dec 13, 2018
Cheryl Caarney from San Antonio, TX. Dec 13, 2018
Nancy DeJarlais from Capitola, CA. Dec 13, 2018

“Only profiteers (like the Repugnants) and fools fail to see that our climate is warming!”

Robert Persons from Auburndale, MA. Dec 13, 2018
Kathleen Donahue from Charlotte, MI. Dec 13, 2018
Jocelyn Sharp-Henning from Nashua, NH. Dec 13, 2018
ISABELLE PASTIN from Chicago, IL. Dec 13, 2018
Holiday Houck from Boston, MA. Dec 13, 2018
Veronica Schweyen from Croton On Hudson, NY. Dec 13, 2018
Robert Souza from St Louis, MO. Dec 13, 2018
Joe Wolf from Mayfield Heights, OH. Dec 13, 2018
Luis Suarez from Mayaguez, PR. Dec 13, 2018
Marya Danihel from Portsmouth, NH. Dec 13, 2018
Robert Nichols from New York, NY. Dec 13, 2018
Emilio Brunetti from North Las Vegas, NV. Dec 13, 2018
Susan Medina from Little Rock, AR. Dec 13, 2018
Osha Breez from Prescott, AZ. Dec 13, 2018
James Gysler from Chicago, IL. Dec 13, 2018
Shawna from Allen junction, WV. Dec 13, 2018
Jennifer Lanham from Madison, WI. Dec 13, 2018

“Positive Action is needed NOW, we cannot hesitate for another moment.”

Kenneth Baker from Pittsburg, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Kobutsu K Malone from Sedgwick, ME. Dec 13, 2018
Jim Bagniewski from La Crosse, WI. Dec 13, 2018
Bill Bowman from San Jose, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Natalie Gelman from Alameda, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Stacy Hall from San Diego, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Susanne Weil from Onalaska, WA. Dec 13, 2018
Gabe Pierce from Irvington, VA. Dec 13, 2018
Sheri Cooper from WOODACRE, CA. Dec 13, 2018

“This is a global emergency. We need to act and right now.”

Christianna Nelson from BROOKLYN, NY. Dec 13, 2018
Patrick Crowell from Denver, CO. Dec 13, 2018
Ray Bustos from Fullerton, CA. Dec 13, 2018
A from Glen Oaks, NY. Dec 13, 2018
Jay Rutherdale from Sacramento, CA. Dec 13, 2018
Michael Sean Conley from Los Angeles, CA. Dec 13, 2018

“Clean energy includes nuclear power. It has the lowest carbon footprint, and lowest “deathprint”, per terawatt-hour produced, of any energy production system in history. In fact, more people die installing wind and solar each year than have ever died in the entire history of US nuclear power. You actually have a better chance of being shot by your own dog (google it) than you have of being injured or killed by US nuclear power, or spent fuel. These are all easily verified facts. Excluding nuclear power from our options will doom our efforts to tackle global warming. Go nuclear, or go extinct. Simple as that.”

Daniel Wodecki from Roseville, MI. Dec 13, 2018

“Consider Nuclear power, clean energy and low foot print if at all its important to move from any high emitting source and this helps us immensely since it generates lots of energy.”

Brenda Wiesner from RICHLAND, WA. Dec 13, 2018

“Clean not renewable. Clean is what matters. Nuclear power must be just off the mix. It’s our most useful option.”

Joseph Thiebes from Bozeman, MT. Dec 13, 2018

“If our goal is to stop climate change in its tracks, as it should be, then we must put all our effort into clean energy including nuclear, solar, wind, and geothermal power.”

Rudy Stefenel from Milpitas, CA. Dec 13, 2018

“See: http://environmentalprogress.org/ for the best way to clean up the environment.”
Eric Schmitz from Bloomington, IN. Dec 13, 2018

“I am please to see that this petition calls for “ALL types of clean energy… rather than focusing on a subset of options.” It is vital that this remain the focus. It is equally vital that clean, zero-emission nuclear power be included and welcomed as an important option. This may not be comfortable for some. We need to get beyond that. There is no time remaining. The alternative is a climate catastrophe of our own doing, caused both by the things we have done, as well as the things we may have left undone.”
Barbara McClusky from Rocky River, OH. Dec 13, 2018

“We are running out of time to help the environment. Please do all you can to help save our planet for our children and grandchildren.”

Greg Barton from Richardson, TX. Dec 13, 2018

“Nuclear power is absolutely essential to any zero carbon generation system we build in the future. Denial of solutions to climate change is as bad as denial of climate change itself.”

Philip Carlson. Dec 13, 2018
Tonya Lillie from Chicago, IL. Dec 13, 2018
Jason Correia from Pleasant Hill, CA. Dec 13, 2018
gabriel ignetti from Miami, FL. Dec 13, 2018

“It is imperative that we have Climate Action now. This must be based on solid science and not ideology. Nuclear is the safest effective, and ecologically sound way to go. Saving our nuclear fleet from closure must become a national priority.”

Rod Adams. Dec 13, 2018

“Nuclear energy has features that will make achievement of the stated goals of the Green New Deal more likely. First and foremost, nuclear energy is emission-free, abundant and reliable with the potential for major cost reductions associated with continued improvement and deployment on an increasing scale. It also has a proven track record of producing career level jobs paying wages that can enable a family to both survive and thrive. Nuclear plants have anchored community development programs, contributing to building a strong tax base for public schools, parks and recreational facilities while also providing a base of skilled volunteers for support and enrichment programs. Employees have also developed a reputation as reliable contributors to fundraising drives; they are often stalwart neighbors who raise their families with strong service minded attitudes. Nuclear energy can compete and win in competition with fossil fuels. It is truly sustainable in that each generation of nuclear can be fully powered and funded by a previous generation.”

Leon springer from Oakland, CA. Dec 12, 2018

“Nuclear Power, especially the new reactors, are the safest and most energy efficient way to a clean future using this non C°2 emitting technology!”

Ambrose from Chambers, AZ. Dec 12, 2018

“Go nuclear or go extinct.”

Michael Pelizzari from Milpitas, CA. Dec 12, 2018

“Because renewables are intermittent, they rely on fossil fuels for backup. The only zero-carbon alternative that can be scaled up to provide all the energy we’d ever need is nuclear. Therefore a healthy dose of nuclear must be included for the Green New Deal to achieve 100% clean energy.”

Stephanie Paddock from Oceanside, CA. Dec 12, 2018

“Mike Levin, get this done.”

Valerie Gardner from Atherton, CA. Dec 12, 2018

“I am convinced that when those offering clean energy solutions stop trying to compete and undermine each other and, instead, start working together, that is when we will win the battle to reduce emissions. This petition is a step in the right direction.”

Karl Pauls from Seattle, WA. Dec 12, 2018

“Representative Jayapal, we need a goal oriented policy.”

Dr. A. Cannara from Menlo Pk., CA. Dec 12, 2018


Herman Gyr. Dec 12, 2018
Jason Jamnik. Dec 12, 2018
Claire Kissinger. Dec 12, 2018
Sandra Stewart from Richland, WA. Dec 12, 2018
Eric Brundick from New Market, MD. Dec 12, 2018
Climate Coalition from Menlo Park, CA. Dec 12, 2018

“100% Renewables is a counterfeit goal! Please focus on 100% Clean Energy!”