We Demand a Green New Deal Focused on 100% Clean Energy

We have launched a MoveOn petition demanding that the Green New Deal being discussed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez focuses on achieving 100% non-emitting clean energy.

There are problems with demanding 100% renewables, because this ignores some of our best and most powerful sources of clean energy, namely large hydro and nuclear power.  Additionally, renewables sound great but the term actually includes a majority of sources of carbon-emitting energy techologies, such as biowaste (burning garbage), biomass (burning trees and other green waste) and biofuels (growing plants that can be converted into hydrocarbon liquid fuels), which all continue to add carbon to the atmosphere.  Please join our call for a Green New Deal focused on achieving zero emissions through the use of 100% non-emitting clean energy technologies.

Update: Great news on the Green New Deal!

Freshman Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, from New York’s 14th district, has called for a Green New Deal and she has released a proposal for a rule change to create a brand new Select Committee on a Green New Deal, which committee would then be empowered to draft a plan that would transform our economy and society at the scale needed to stop the climate crisis. Importantly, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez has said that she is keeping “an open mind about nuclear’s role in effort to clean energy.”

“I don’t take a strong anti- or pro-position on it,” the New York Democrat said about nuclear energy in an interview late last week. Her Green New Deal resolution, which calls for “clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy” to meet 100 percent of U.S. power needs in the next 10 years, “leaves the door open on nuclear so that we can have that conversation,” she said.”

Our MoveOn petition urges Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and all of the signatories to be open to including nuclear energy, since the experts have agreed that it will be impossible to achieve 100 clean energy without it. We need to encourage Ocasio-Cortez to focus on what the data and the scientists have told us, rather than on the political popularity of one technology over another.  If you agree, please sign our petition.  If you are affiliated with another organization, please consider joining forcing as a co-sponsor of the petition.  You can contact us here to have your organization’s name added as a sponsor.