New York Times Op/Ed Columnist, David Leonhardt, Supports Nuclear

Nuclear Support is trending David Leonhardt, the New York Times' Pulitzer Prize-winning Op-Ed columnist, used his May 6th daily precise of relevant news which is sent to subscribers to review the status of how various individuals' and groups' within the Democratic party are changing their thinking and approaches towards addressing climate change, while also weighing in with his own personal opinion about nuclear energy. Leonhardt wrote: I’ve changed my mind on this issue, as I explained in this magazine article. I used [...]

Who can resist the Impossible Burger? Ans: Environmentalists

A truly yummy climate solution In Robert Stone's iconic film, Pandora's Promise, Stewart Brand posed the key questions that we are still endeavoring to address every day:  "Can you be an environmentalist and be pronuclear?  In light of climate change, can you be an environmentalist and not be pronuclear?"  It is our premise that the answers these questions depend upon whether one approaches environmentalism through an ideologic lens or through a science and technology lens.  Whether you like nuclear power or [...]

24 Magazine Covers on Climate Change

Where is the reporting about Climate Change? Today is Easter.  It is also Earth Day.  Where is the uproar and clamour over what is happening to our planet?  According to the editors of the Washington Post, there are plenty of stories about climate change, they just tend to get lost in the firehose of news from other crises going on, like churches being burnt down.  But they have taken the time to collect up and elevate [...]