The Climate Coalition Livestream for Indian Point

The Livestream Rally for Indian Point was held on Thursday, April 30th, the day slated for curtailment of Indian Point’s Reactor 2.  Organized by Generation Atomic, Nuclear New York, Stop Cricket Valley, Protect Orange County, Footprint to Wings and other members of the Climate Coalition, the livestream was a multi-faceted educational event that featured guest environmentalists, climate scientists, activists, engineers and local officials joining together to discuss the environmental and health impacts of what closing Indian Point and ramping of fossil fuel generation. Fractivists (anti-fracking activists) simultaneously held protests in two wet and windy locations near CPV and Cricket Valley to discuss the environmental destruction that has already impacted the two communities where these new replacement gas plants have been built. There were formal presentations, interviews as well as live reporting and testimony from protesters on the street. You can access all of the materials, the video, the presentations and photos from the event at Nuclear New York’s Connect the Dots page.  Watch the video below or directly on Youtube here. Capping the entire event was a special conversation with intellectual rap artist, Baba Brinkman, and the debut performance of’ his new single, Bright New Future.

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