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Thanks for your interest in helping to plan this campaign to convince the Biden Administration of the need to issue a nation-wide emergency moratorium on the closures of existing nuclear power plants.

We believe that there are compelling reasons to issue this emergency declaration in light of:

  1. The urgent need to reduce carbon emissions—rather than increase them
  2. The Congressional intent to protect American investments in clean nuclear, as demonstrated by several bills seeking to provide ZEC credits to existing nuclear power
  3. The effect of deregulation and current RTO protocols that have proven wholly inadequate in properly valuing or compensating the nation’s critical clean energy assets like nuclear power plants, which improve reliability, climate resilience and protect consumers from outages and price gouging during extreme weather events.
  4. The imminent danger of irreversible closure of a number of highly valuable nuclear plants within the next few months, the loss of which would be hugely detrimental to rate-payers and the nation’s efforts to decarbonize by 2050.
  5. Clear and compelling evidence that the RTOs, as was demonstrated by ERCOT’s failure in Texas as well as outages in MISO and other ISOs, are not doing the job of ensuring adequate energy supply during extreme weather events, so there is a clear imperative for a federal role in ensuring greater grid resilience.

We are working to convene leaders and key organizers from a wide range of climate and pronuclear groups to join this coalition and gather (virtually) on Friday, February 26th (time TBD) to collaborate on the design and implementation of this campaign. Once we have defined the campaign and produced the supporting materials, each coalition member will then share the campaigns with their networks.

Please feel free to invite others who you think should be part of this conversation.


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About the Climate Coalition

We are a coalition of clean energy and climate-focused individuals and groups who prioritize emissions reductions over partisanship.

Climate change is a crisis far more formidable and difficult to solve than even the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are less than 5% likely to meet the Paris goals.  We cannot allow our technology preferences or prejudices to derail us on our path to achieving significant emissions reductions. Therefore, we adamantly oppose any closure of existing sources of clean energy for as long as we continue to spew carbon emissions and methane from dirty energy sources.  Unfortunately, otherwise rational people seem to support closing clean nuclear power plants—and five reactors at Indian Point, Dresden and Byron are being slated for closure in the next few months—all of which will be replaced with natural gas-burning plants, which increase emissions and is the exact wrong direction for us to go.

We support adding all types of new clean energy generation—nuclear included—and we are opposed to the closure of any source of clean energy before we have achieved zero net emissions.  Accordingly, we work to educate the public, amplify the voices of climate activists and build better collaboration for building stronger, cleaner, more resilient and integrated grids that meet both society’s growing energy needs and our climate goals. We have a range of climate and clean energy campaigns working at any one time and welcome more. Thank you for joining us.

Care to donate instead? Support the Green Nuclear Deal

The Green Nuclear Deal is a newly-formed organization which is working to achieve a #GreenNuclearDeal for all Americans and helping to take a leading role in this national campaign. If you would like to support the  Green Nuclear Deal team, you can do so by donating on their Patreon page.

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