This is the text of the press release provided by Californians for Green Nuclear Power regarding the lawsuit they filed in the California Court of Appeals on October 24th. 


Dr. Gene Nelson, Press Liaison
Californians for Green Nuclear Power
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CGNP Files Court Appeal Challenging Shutdown of Diablo Canyon Power Plant

ARROYO GRANDE, CA October 30, 2018 – Last week Californians for Green Nuclear Power (CGNP) filed an action in California’s Court of Appeals challenging the shutdown of the state’s last remaining nuclear generating facility, Diablo Canyon Power Plant. The plant, near San Luis Obispo, generates 9% of California’s electricity with no carbon emissions.

“California’s Public Utility Commission is required, by law, to act in the public interest,” noted CGNP Vice President Carl Wurtz. “Is climate change in the public interest? Is being at the mercy of state fossil fuel interests in the public interest? We don’t think so. We’re finding out California voters agree, and will vote in next week’s elections accordingly,” he said. The group is represented by attorney/former California Assemblyman Mike Gatto, who served as Chairman of the state Utilities & Commerce Committee.

Copy of the Petition

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CGNP Government Liaison, Radiation Biophysicist Dr. Gene Nelson, has been communicating with the Dept. of Defense on potential security risks associated with the shutdown. “Increasing dependence on natural gas has made it possible for a focused terror attack on key pipelines to bring California to its knees,” he said. “With our state’s 39 military bases and early-warning radar dependent on reliable electricity, there are concerns we could be putting the safety of the entire U.S. in jeopardy.”

Hurricanes and wildfires exacerbated by climate change have rekindled interest in carbon-free energy solutions. Because it’s capable of providing electricity on-demand, CGNP activists argue nuclear is among the most promising [sic]

“Though owner PG&E wants to increase profits for its shareholders, replacing Diablo with fossil fuel gas is not the answer,” said CGNP President Bill Gloege. “In coming years, we look forward to securing a state Zero-Emissions Credit in recognition of Diablo’s carbon-free contribution. Then dirty, un-natural gas can be left in the ground where it belongs.”