See Nuclear Now

WATCH THIS FILM AND LEARN WHY WE NEED NUCLEAR ENERGY Please use the below links to find theaters & related events Nuclear Now will be 350 Theater across the U.S. on May 1st About the Film: Find theaters & Buy Tickets: NY Times Film Review: Nuclear Now [...]

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Sign the Petition

  SIGN OUR PETITION : Improve the Energiewende! Let clean nuclear, hydro, wind and solar work in unity towards 100% clean! We are sick and tired of the self-defeating bickering within the Climate Movement! By opposing other types of clean energy, we are shooting ourselves in the foot and allowing fossil [...]

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Renewables + Nuclear: Partners in Decarbonization

Renewables + Nuclear:  Partners in Decarbonization (The following analysis is available for use for any purpose with attribution to the Climate Coalition.) (Click to download a PDF of this information.) “Nuclear or Renewables” is a false dichotomy when 83.1% of the world’s primary energy [...]

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Understanding Nuclear Energy

The C+ Student's Guide to Understanding Nuclear Energy: Myths, Facts, & Fears in 21 Easy-to-Understand Q&As We are delighted to share Shawn M. Connors' wonderfully-produced handbook about nuclear energy with our community.  Shawn is the Founder of the Atomic Garage Movement, a self-proclaimed "C+ Student," and a new member of [...]

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Setting the Record Straight on Indian Point

February 2021 Over 2020 and 2021, New York prematurely shuttered the Indian Point nuclear power plant in Buchanan, NY. The two reactors at Indian Point had been safely providing 12% of New York's electricity. This one plant generated over one fifth of all carbon-free generation statewide — 2.5x [...]

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Planet of the Humans: Humanity’s Epitaph or an Incomplete Tale?

“Planet of the Humans:” Humanity’s Epitaph, or an Incomplete Tale? The recent documentary release by Michael Moore, Planet of the Humans, comes down hard on renewable energy, much to the dismay of that industry and of many environmentalists and “green” energy supporters. The film portrays renewables as failing miserably [...]

Planet of the Humans: Humanity’s Epitaph or an Incomplete Tale?2020-04-27T12:39:20-07:00

Dear Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo, We thank you for your leadership at this very difficult time. With New York’s number of coronavirus infections now exceeding 250,000, with 57,000 New Yorkers in the hospital and almost 15,000 deaths, we are facing the worst disaster in the state’s recent history and [...]

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World’s Emissions Gap Is Growing, with No Sign of Peaking Soon, UN Warns

World’s Emissions Gap Is Growing, with No Sign of Peaking Soon, UN Warns Leslie Hook published an article in Inside Climate News called “World's Emissions Gap is Growing, with No Sign of Peaking Soon, UN Warns," in which she highlights the jaw-dropping gap between the future emissions reduction necessary to meet the [...]

World’s Emissions Gap Is Growing, with No Sign of Peaking Soon, UN Warns2020-01-02T15:40:08-08:00

Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools

Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools Gavin Jones reports on the breaking news that Italy will require students to study climate change in school in his article, "Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools". According to Lorenzo Fioramonti, Italy's Education Minister, Italy will become the first country to [...]

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Sign our Petition

We Demand a Green New Deal Focused on 100% Clean Energy We have launched a MoveOn petition demanding that the Green New Deal being discussed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez focuses on achieving 100% non-emitting clean energy. There are problems with demanding 100% renewables, because this ignores some of our best and [...]

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Cold fusion gets a deep dive

Scientists revisit the cold case of cold fusion According to a report in the University of British Columbia press, a group of scientists from the University of British Columbia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and Google are conducting a multi-year investigation into [...]

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Titans of Nuclear

Who are the “titans” of nuclear? If you are someone who is trying to understand how to solve climate change in the short amount of time we have left, you may have heard that nuclear energy is clean, reliable, and can generate enormous amounts of energy at [...]

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CPUC’s Decision to Shutter Diablo Canyon Challenged in Court

This is the text of the press release provided by Californians for Green Nuclear Power regarding the lawsuit they filed in the California Court of Appeals on October 24th.  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Dr. Gene Nelson, Press Liaison Californians for Green Nuclear Power P: 805-363-4697 CGNP Files Court Appeal Challenging Shutdown [...]

CPUC’s Decision to Shutter Diablo Canyon Challenged in Court2019-01-16T17:19:50-08:00

The Case for Ecomodernism

Why traditional “environmentalism” falls short If you are reading this page, the chances are good that you consider yourself an environmentalist.  You want to protect the environment for future generations just like we do.  It is easy to be against pollution and environmental degradation but the question is, what are you for?  […]

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The Climate Coalition Case

We are facing an existential crisis. If we all don't work together, everything and everyone will be impacted on the planet. We need everyone working to provide sources of clean energy to be properly valued and welcomed — without discrimination. This includes those working to improve and increase renewables as well as those working to improve and increase nuclear energy. Only by embracing and utilizing all available technologies, will we have a sufficiently diverse portfolio of options that can supplant fossil fuels and reliably power 100% clean energy grids in all the various geographies around the world.

The Climate Coalition Case2018-11-10T10:55:15-08:00
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