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  SIGN OUR PETITION : Improve the Energiewende! Let clean nuclear, hydro, wind and solar work in unity towards 100% clean! We are sick and tired of the self-defeating bickering within the Climate Movement! By opposing other types of clean energy, we are shooting ourselves in the foot and allowing fossil [...]

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Dear Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo, We thank you for your leadership at this very difficult time. With New York’s number of coronavirus infections now exceeding 250,000, with 57,000 New Yorkers in the hospital and almost 15,000 deaths, we are facing the worst disaster in the state’s recent history and [...]

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U.N. Climate Talks End With Few Commitments and a ‘Lost’ Opportunity

U.N. Climate Talks End With Few Commitments and a 'Lost' Opportunity Following the Madrid climate talks, Somini Sengupta reports on the incredibly disappointing outcome in The New York Times in an article called “U.N. Talks End With Few Commitments and a 'Lost' Opportunity." Climate talks in Madrid ended on December 14th [...]

U.N. Climate Talks End With Few Commitments and a ‘Lost’ Opportunity2020-01-02T15:14:35-08:00

Nuclear Politics

The Political Dilemma Posed by Nuclear Power As of the September 2019 Democratic Climate Debate, the following candidates have one way or another "declared" their support for the use of nuclear and/or advanced nuclear power to address climate:  Cory Booker, Andrew Yang, Joe Biden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Jay [...]

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Sign the Sustainable Nuclear Petition

Sign the Sustainable Nuclear Petition Kirsten Gogan from Energy for Humanity and others have posted a petition on the OpenPetition website directed at the European Commission Technical Expert Group.  This petition endeavors to advocate for more informed, evidence-based and effective energy and climate policy in Europe. While not specifically about supporting [...]

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The Climate Coalition Case

We are facing an existential crisis. If we all don't work together, everything and everyone will be impacted on the planet. We need everyone working to provide sources of clean energy to be properly valued and welcomed — without discrimination. This includes those working to improve and increase renewables as well as those working to improve and increase nuclear energy. Only by embracing and utilizing all available technologies, will we have a sufficiently diverse portfolio of options that can supplant fossil fuels and reliably power 100% clean energy grids in all the various geographies around the world.

The Climate Coalition Case2018-11-10T10:55:15-08:00
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