Pronuclear Political Candidates

Political Candidate Climate Positions This Airtable has been pre-sorted to group candidates by State and Office Sought. Airtable allows you to scroll across to see all columns. It also lets you reset the width of the displayed rows, to sort, filter, group, ungroup or copy the candidates' answers. Learn [...]

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Dear Governor Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo, We thank you for your leadership at this very difficult time. With New York’s number of coronavirus infections now exceeding 250,000, with 57,000 New Yorkers in the hospital and almost 15,000 deaths, we are facing the worst disaster in the state’s recent history and [...]

Dear Governor Cuomo2023-10-14T20:16:50-07:00

Carbon dioxide capture and use could become big business

Carbon dioxide capture and use could become big business The University of California, Los Angeles reports on the findings of their study with the University of Oxford and five other institutions in "Carbon dioxide capture and use could become big business." In an effort to drastically reduce carbon emissions, this coalition of [...]

Carbon dioxide capture and use could become big business2020-01-02T15:45:32-08:00

Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools

Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools Gavin Jones reports on the breaking news that Italy will require students to study climate change in school in his article, "Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools". According to Lorenzo Fioramonti, Italy's Education Minister, Italy will become the first country to [...]

Italy to make climate change study compulsory in schools2020-01-02T15:49:45-08:00

Who can resist the Impossible Burger? Ans: Environmentalists

A truly yummy climate solution In Robert Stone's iconic film, Pandora's Promise, Stewart Brand posed the key questions that we are still endeavoring to address every day:  "Can you be an environmentalist and be pronuclear?  In light of climate change, can you be an environmentalist and not be pronuclear?"  It is our [...]

Who can resist the Impossible Burger? Ans: Environmentalists2019-05-08T11:36:50-07:00

Climate Impacts of Renewables

MMM The Hidden, Dirty side of Renewables Renewable energy has managed to benefit in popularity with a virtually unblemished brand. Through careful marketing efforts, consumers only see shiny, gleaming images of sparkling solar panels and snow white wind turbines on sunny days.  We never get exposed to the hidden [...]

Climate Impacts of Renewables2019-02-24T14:19:54-08:00

Climate Change

Let Carl Sagan explain the delicate balance of our climate to you, if you don't yet understand it (from testimony before the Senate in 1985). Climate change is already here There is such an abundance of scientific evidence that establishes the causes [...]

Climate Change2023-01-01T11:16:15-08:00

The Case for Ecomodernism

Why traditional “environmentalism” falls short If you are reading this page, the chances are good that you consider yourself an environmentalist.  You want to protect the environment for future generations just like we do.  It is easy to be against pollution and environmental degradation but the question is, what are you for?  […]

The Case for Ecomodernism2018-10-26T17:07:23-07:00

The Climate Coalition Case

We are facing an existential crisis. If we all don't work together, everything and everyone will be impacted on the planet. We need everyone working to provide sources of clean energy to be properly valued and welcomed — without discrimination. This includes those working to improve and increase renewables as well as those working to improve and increase nuclear energy. Only by embracing and utilizing all available technologies, will we have a sufficiently diverse portfolio of options that can supplant fossil fuels and reliably power 100% clean energy grids in all the various geographies around the world.

The Climate Coalition Case2018-11-10T10:55:15-08:00

*Zero Emissions

What exactly do we mean by "zero emissions?" Is it different than "clean energy?" What about "low carbon," or "carbon free," or "renewable?" Let's take a closer look. Life Cycle Analysis Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) is a comprehensive way to measure the climate impact of an energy technology. It is [...]

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