There is no other way to put this:  a block of Republican politicians are knowingly compromising our lives and our children’s future in order to stay in office.

180 of 535 members of Congress have received $82,882,725 in dirty money from the coal, oil, and gas industries, according to CAPAF’s research.  And, it is not just the money that they get from fossil fuel companies: they also know that if they vote to act on climate, that the fossil fuel industry will use its power and resources to support a more loyal climate denying competitor. 

Donald Trump, the first public climate science denier to win the White House, received an additional $1,132,996 from the fossil fuel industry—not to mention all the support he received from Russian oil oligarchs.  Seven former members of the Climate Denier Caucus have taken senior-level positions in the Trump administration.  Trump then appointed Rex Tillerson, the head of ExxonMobil, someone who received a state medal of honor from Putin, as his Secretary of State.  Putin was on the brink of doing a deal with ExxonMobil to extract even more oil, before Obama halted that deal by enacting sanctions on Russia.  Putin’s admitted support of Trump and suspected efforts to sabotage the U.S. election are likely a function of his desire to continue to expand his corrupt, mafia-fueled profiteering from his country’s oil wealth.

Trump stunned the world when he moved away from the global consensus to address carbon emissions by reducing use of fossil fuels, as agreed to by all nations (except Iraq) at the Paris Conference of the Parties in 2016.  Trump has chosen to join Iraq in disavowing support for the Paris Accord.  According to ThinkProgress:

“The unprecedented scenario of an unabashed climate science denier in the White House has broad implications for his climatedenierheavy cabinet and the manner in which federal agencies deal with science and climate regulations. One of the most prominent climate deniers in Congress, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), has seen several of his staff take positions at the EPA.

Trump’s ascendance also gives anti-science representatives new prominence, and the opportunity to push legislation attacking the EPA, boosting fossil fuels, and compromising science-based policy. According to a recent analysis, in its first 100 days, Congress voted 42 times on anti-environmental provisions, including voting on reforms to regulations that would limit federal agency ability to set pollution limits and weaken public participation. Additionally, Congress voted nine times to use the Congressional Review Act, which had only been used once ever before in history, to undo critical Obama environmental protections, such as a rule to protect waterways from toxic coal mining waste. It is also being reported that Senate Republicans will vote as early as next week to revoke a regulation aimed at reducing waste from methane emissions on public lands.”


Elected Officials who deny the science of climate climate and also take funding from fossil fuel companies

These 180 Senators and Representatives are allowing their personal political interests stand in the way of the U.S. making political progress to reduce our carbon emissions.  They are entirely beholden to their fossil fuel donors and the corrupting influence of fossil fuel donor resistance to political solutions, which might cause pressure to reduce our dependence on using fossil fuels.  Because every single one of these Climate Deniers is Republican, the Republican party was called the most dangerous organization in human history by Noam Chomsky.  

ALABAMA SEN Shelby, Richard C. (R – AL) 833,346 Republican
REP Aderholt, Robert 387,730 Republican
REP Palmer, Gary 51,350 Republican
REP Brooks, Mo 21,500 Republican
SEN Strange, Luther ? Republican
ALASKA REP Young, Don 1,571,318 Republican
SEN Sullivan, Daniel (R – AK) 475,935 Republican
ARKANSAS SEN Cotton, Tom (R – AR) 645,230 Republican
SEN Boozman, John (R – AR) 317,077 Republican
REP Westerman, Bruce 106,900 Republican
REP Crawford, Rick 87,772 Republican
REP Womack, Steve 74,219 Republican
ARIZONA SEN McCain, John (R – AZ) 3,767,903 Republican
SEN Flake, Jeff (R – AZ) 310,412 Republican
REP Franks, Trent 137,500 Republican
REP Schweikert, David 75,265 Republican
REP Gosar, Paul 70,550 Republican
REP Andy Biggs 9,000 Republican
CALIFORNIA REP Denham, Jeff 441,596 Republican
REP Calvert, Ken S. 408,499 Republican
REP Nunes, Devin G. 385,250 Republican
REP McClintock, Tom 230,050 Republican
REP Rohrabacher, Dana T.  92,894 Republican
REP LaMalfa, Doug 82,750 Republican
REP Hunter, Duncan D. 72,150 Republican
COLORADO SEN Gardner, Cory (R – CO) 1,306,749 Republican
REP Coffman, Mike 836,594 Republican
REP Tipton, Scott 526,713 Republican
REP Buck, Ken  476,372 Republican
REP Lamborn, Doug 382,438 Republican
FLORIDA SEN Rubio, Marco (R – FL) 1,171,807 Republican
REP DeSantis, Ron (RFL-06) 123,590 Republican
REP Diaz-Balart, Mario (RFL-25) 97,500 Republican
SEN Posey, Bill 47,900 Republican
REP Yoho, Ted S. 23,400 Republican
REP Rooney, Francis (RFL-17)  8,100 Republican
REP Gaetz, Matt 5,000 Republican
REP Rutherford, John 1,000 Republican
REP Dunn, Neal 500 Republican
GEORGIA SEN Isakson, Johnny (R – GA) 554,283 Republican
SEN Perdue, David (R – GA) 235,150 Republican
REP Allen, Rick (RGA-12) 57,850 Republican
REP Collins, Doug (RGA-09) 55,450 Republican
REP Carter, Buddy (RGA-01) 46,650 Republican
REP Scott, Austin (RGA-08) 42,737 Republican
REP Loudermilk, Barry (RGA-11) 26,000 Republican
REP Hice, Jody (RGA-10) 16,800 Republican
IOWA SEN Ernst, Joni (R – IA) 212,200 Republican
REP King, Steve A. (RIA-04) 80,005 Republican
REP Young, David (RIA-03) 53,750 Republican
REP Blum, Rod (RIA-01) 35,800 Republican
IDAHO SEN Crapo, Mike (R – ID) 570,804 Republican
REP Simpson, Mike (RID-02) 392,650 Republican
REP Labrador, Raul (RID-01) 41,000 Republican
ILLINOIS REP Shimkus, John M. (RIL-15) 1,044,046 Republican
REP Roskam, Peter J. (RIL-06) 425,920 Republican
REP Davis, Rodney (RIL-13) 290,565 Republican
REP Bost, Mike (RIL-12) 101,800 Republican
REP Hultgren, Randy (RIL-14) 71,900 Republican
REP LaHood, Darin (RIL-18) 54,950 Republican
INDIANA SEN Young, Todd (RIN-09) 439,830 Republican
REP Bucshon, Larry (RIN-08) 219,700 Republican
REP Rokita, Todd (RIN-04) 112,850 Republican
KANSAS SEN Roberts, Pat (R – KS) 955,575 Republican
KENTUCKY SEN McConnell, Mitch (R – KY) 3,030,820 Republican
SEN Paul, Rand (R – KY) 491,146 Republican
REP Massie, Thomas (RKY-04) 89,551 Republican
REP Comer, James 23,701 Republican
LOUISIANA SEN Cassidy, Bill (R – LA) 1,236,020 Republican
REP Scalise, Steve (RLA-01) 991,984 Republican
SEN Kennedy, John Neely 517,148 Republican
MARYLAND REP Harris, Andy (RMD-01) 180,860 Republican
MAINE REP Poliquin, Bruce (RME-02) 80,600 Republican
MICHIGAN REP Upton, Fred (RMI-06) 1,245,983 Republican
REP Walberg, Tim (RMI-07) 235,720 Republican
REP Huizenga, Bill (RMI-02) 47,050 Republican
REP Amash, Justin (RMI-03) 45,000 Republican
REP Moolenaar, John (RMI-04) 27,250 Republican
MINNESOTA REP Paulsen, Erik (RMN-03) 172,716 Republican
REP Emmer, Tom (RMN-06) 42,600 Republican
REP Lewis, Jason 10,200 Republican
MISSOURI SEN Blunt, Roy (R – MO) 1,575,531 Republican
REP Wagner, Ann (RMO-02) 279,800 Republican
REP Hartzler, Vicky (RMO-04) 94,100 Republican
REP Luetkemeyer, Blaine (RMO-03) 50,250 Republican
MISSISSIPPI SEN Wicker, Roger F. (R – MS) 761,552 Republican
REP Harper, Gregg (RMS-03) 483,250 Republican
MONTANA SEN Daines, Steve (R – MT) 707,576 Republican
NORTH CAROLINA SEN Burr, Richard (R – NC) 1,111,618 Republican
SEN Tillis, Thom (R – NC) 392,450 Republican
REP Hudson, Richard (RNC-08) 200,850 Republican
REP McHenry, Patrick T. (RNC-10) 182,250 Republican
REP Foxx, Virginia (RNC-05) 147,850 Republican
REP Jones, Jr., Walter (RNC-03) 93,408 Republican
REP Pittenger, Robert (RNC-09) 92,550 Republican
REP Rouzer, David (RNC-07) 85,740 Republican
REP Walker, Bradley Mark (RNC-06) 8,300 Republican
REP Budd, Ted ? Republican
NORTH DAKOTA SEN Hoeven, John (R – ND) 809,696 Republican
REP Cramer, Kevin (RND-AL) 759,450 Republican
NEBRASKA SEN Fischer, Deb (R – NE) 189,519 Republican
REP Smith, Adrian M. (RNE-03) 96,150 Republican
REP Bacon, Don 20,550 Republican
NEW JERSEY REP Frelinghuysen, Rodney P. (RNJ-11) 103,250 Republican
NEW MEXICO REP Pearce, Steve (RNM-02)  2,208,543 Republican
NEVADA SEN Heller, Dean (R – NV) 562,034 Republican
REP Amodei, Mark E. (RNV-02) 64,250 Republican
NEW YORK PRES Trump, Donald 1,132,996 Republican
REP King, Peter T. (RNY-02) 121,600 Republican
REP Zeldin, Lee (RNY-01) 105,404 Republican
REP Tenney, Claudia 19,400 Republican
OHIO SEN Portman, Rob (R – OH) 1,252,807 Republican
REP Johnson, Bill (ROH-06) 619,233 Republican
REP Tiberi, Pat (ROH-12) 569,600 Republican
REP Gibbs, Bob (ROH-07) 445,559 Republican
REP Stivers, Steve (ROH-15) 391,124 Republican
REP Chabot, Steve (ROH-01) 243,525 Republican
OKLAHOMA SEN Inhofe, James M. (R – OK) 2,150,527 Republican
SEN Lankford, James (R – OK) 1,193,170 Republican
REP Lucas, Frank D. (ROK-03) 719,875 Republican
REP Mullin, Markwayne (ROK-02) 491,150 Republican
REP Bridenstine, Jim (ROK-01) 180,850 Republican
PENNSYLVANIA SEN Toomey, Patrick J. (R – PA) 1,263,077 Republican
REP Murphy, Tim (RPA-18) 928,698 Republican
REP Shuster, Bill (RPA-09) 923,425 Republican
REP Thompson, Glenn W. (RPA-05) 487,952 Republican
REP Rothfus, Keith J. (RPA-12) 340,290 Republican
REP Dent, Charlie (RPA-15) 335,449 Republican
REP Barletta, Lou (RPA-11) 180,259 Republican
REP Perry, Scott (RPA-04) 111,100 Republican
SOUTH CAROLINA REP Duncan, Jeff (RSC-03) 200,900 Republican
REP Gowdy, Trey (RSC-04) 91,150 Republican
REP Wilson, Joe (RSC-02) 84,900 Republican
SOUTH DAKOTA REP Noem, Kristi (RSD-AL) 296,751 Republican
TENNESSEE REP Blackburn, Marsha (RTN-07) 538,419 Republican
REP Duncan, Jr., John J. (RTN-02) 223,461 Republican
REP Black, Diane (RTN-06) 207,580 Republican
REP Fleischmann, Chuck (RTN-03) 83,600 Republican
REP Roe, Phil (RTN-01) 49,400 Republican
TEXAS SEN Cornyn, John (R – TX) 3,400,231 Republican
REP Barton, Joe (R TX-06)  2,586,325 Republican
SEN Cruz, Ted (R – TX) 2,466,367 Republican
REP Conaway, K. Michael (RTX-11) 1,341,642 Republican
REP Olson, Pete (RTX-22) 1,055,500 Republican
REP Flores, Bill (RTX-17) 910,273 Republican
REP Culberson, John A. (RTX-07) 884,806 Republican
REP Smith, Lamar S. (RTX-21) 738,097 Republican
REP Thornberry, Mac (RTX-13) 651,480 Republican
REP McCaul, Michael T. (RTX-1)  569,468 Republican
REP Poe, Ted (RTX-02) 542,787 Republican
REP Gohmert, Louie (RTX-01) 436,404 Republican
REP Burgess, Michael C. (RTX-26) 428,742 Republican
REP Carter, John R. (RTX-31) 379,128 Republican
REP Farenthold, Blake (RTX-27) 364,077 Republican
REP Weber, Randy K. (RTX-14) 246,350 Republican
REP Babin, Brian (RTX-36) 111,835 Republican
REP Arrington, Jodey 80,550 Republican
UTAH SEN Hatch, Orrin G. (R – UT) 842,929 Republican
REP Bishop, Rob (RUT-0) 484,566 Republican
REP Stewart, Chris (RUT-02) 228,050 Republican
REP Chaffetz, Jason (RUT-03) 177,900 Republican
VIRGINIA REP Griffith, Morgan (RVA-09) 387,606 Republican
REP Goodlatte, Bob (RVA-06) 221,800 Republican
REP Wittman, Rob (RVA-01) 86,150 Republican
REP Brat, David Alan (RVA-07) 42,050 Republican
REP Garrett, Tom 15,100 Republican
REP McMorris Rodgers, Cathy (RWA-05) 423,359 Republican
WISCONSIN REP Ryan, Paul (RWI-01) 1,429,397 Republican
SEN Johnson, Ron (R – WI) 555,013 Republican
REP Sensenbrenner, James F. (RWI-05) 88,750 Republican
REP Grothman, Glenn (RWI-06) 31,225 Republican
WEST VIRGINIA SEN Capito, Shelley Moore (R – WV) 1,379,460 Republican
REP McKinley, David (RWV-01) 779,479 Republican
REP Jenkins, Evan (RWV-03) 217,966 Republican
REP Mooney, Alex (RWV-02) 150,173 Republican
WYOMING SEN Barrasso, John (R – WY) 891,972 Republican
SEN Enzi, Michael B. (R – WY) 730,133 Republican
REP Cheney, Liz 171,025 Republican




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CAPAC, Center for American Progress Action Fund Since taking office in January 2017, the Trump administration has taken dozens of actions to weaken clean air and water protections; block action on climate change; and sell out our public lands to the fossil fuel industry. CAP Action is tracking it all.  The data provided in this post was extracted and adapted from this CAPAF

The Independent, Noam Chomsky: Republican Party is the most dangerous organisation in human history, by Maya Oppenheim, April 27, 2017.